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Cariad Harmon Releases "Wicked Town" Music Video Depicting NYC Life by Janelle

Cariad Harmon’s video for the single, “Wicked Town”, off her self-titled album release depicts living in New York from the vantage point of a musician, artist, bartender and those striving to make it in a city where so many come to make their mark.

Bonsai Offers Free MP3 "I Like You Man" by Janelle

Listen to Bonsai's cheeky approach to the NYC dating scene with her new single, "I Like You Man".

Carnaval Spirit Meets NYC Grit In Buskers’ Anthem by Megan Fisher

Skye Steele Offers Up a Frenetic Ode to His You With “The People Make The Music” Off Up From The Bitterroot out Jan. 20

The Deli Joins Gangstagrass in Announcing Rappalachia! by Janelle

Check out the latest from The Deli Magazine as they help announce Gangstagrass' debut album!

Lachi and Meridian Gold to Play The Shrine World Music Venue on Saturday, 3/24 by Megan Fisher

Meridian Gold will party up the best way they know, with a rockin’ performance for Lachi’s birthday at the Shrine World Music Venue.

Record Store Day Split 12” Features Baby Teardrops Previously Unreleased Track “I Can Live My Life Alone” MP3 Available for Download Now by Janelle

Celebrate Record Store Day with Baby Teardrops! In anticipation for their split 12" Secret Handshakes, they're offering up a free download of "I Can Live My Life Alone" now!

High Five! from kayln rock by Janelle

Admitting that relationships inspire many of her songs, kayln rock shares a few of her favorite films that highlight the tumultuous relationships of her celebrity crush (John Cusack) in this week's High Five!

This article appears in the High Five blog.

The Other Side with Jessica G Photography's Jessica Glick by Janelle

Jessica G Photography founder Jessica Glick discusses life in the "Big Apple," explains why chemistry is crucial when handpicking artists for a photo shoot, and shares why it was such a pleasure to work with Adam Duritz in this week's Other Side feature.

This article appears in the The Other Side blog.

High Five! from Ex Norwegian by Janelle

This week's High Five! by Ex Norwegian covers the eclectic list of cultural icons and conspiracy theories that inspire the band's dynamic lyrics.

This article appears in the High Five blog.

The Other Side with The Music Slut Co-Founder Jen Kellas by Janelle

The Music Slut co-founder Jen Kellas reveals why pop music has merit, explains that honesty is the best policy when it comes to blogging, and gives insight into how independent bands can approach music bloggers in this week's The Other Side.

This article appears in the The Other Side blog.

High Five! from Lachi and Meridian Gold by Janelle

In this week's High Five!, Lachi highlights the diverse list of inspirations that mirror the eclecticism of her songwriting, to demonstrate the true meaning of "bugging out."

This article appears in the High Five blog.

Lachi and Meridian Gold Release "Bug Out" Video by Janelle

Bug Out! with Lachi and Meridian Gold. The new video is out now!

This article appears in the Videos blog.

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