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Young Readers Announces Single, “Dancing” by Janelle

The album, Migrator, was written and recorded when Young Readers’ Jordan Herrera was experiencing a musical high where everything seemed to be going his way. Yet, there’s a rawness and subtle sorrow on the album foreshadowing the looming darkness that fell on his life for the next three years.

Quicksilver Daydream Announces June 16 Album Release by Paul Corsi

Adam Lytle, the creative spark behind Quicksilver Daydream, is a quiet individual who spends a lot of time alone with his thoughts in books and journals. He moved to Brooklyn from the farm where he grew up in a house nestled in the woods of Ohio, to a 1.5 bedroom apartment in one of the busiest cities in the world. 

Neil Holyoak Releases Dreamy Americana Album Rags Across the Sun (Out 9/9) by Janelle

"You will have to listen to the whole album very carefully. It is worth the effort." —Americana UK

AllMusic Premieres Neil Holyoak's Second Single "Red Queen Of Autumn" by Janelle

Neil Holyoak plays NXNE- The Cameron House- 10PM by Janelle

Earbuddy Premieres Neil Holyoak Single "Fancy Moonlight" by LeeAnn

"Holyoak’s deep, soothing vocals...are filled back and forth with poetic images. It just can’t get more romantically melancholy than that." - CMJ

Young Readers Release New Single "Homesick" Out Now by Janelle

There is almost always a dreamy or imaginary quality to Young Readers indie folk songs; a sense that reality is suspended, even if for a few minutes.

GLG Fresh MP3 Friday: NXNE Showcasing Artists the Morals and Svavar Knútur by Megan Fisher

Fresh MP3 Friday Presents New Singles From the Morals and Svavar Knútur

My Old Kentucky Blog Premieres Angela Perley’s “Brooklyn Girls” by Janelle

"Nowhere Is Now Here is the strongest EP from Perley to date. With a fresh, modern take on folk, bluegrass and Southern rock, this girl has once again proved herself to be one of Ohio’s finest." –Carolyn Menyes - ACRN Radio

NXNE 2013 Welcomes the Morals to the Line-Up by Janelle

the Morals offer listeners heartbreaking harmonies and love ballads filled with raw sincerity, and their audience – much like their songs – is consistently building.

Walter Sickert & The ARmy of BRoken TOys Joins NXNE 2013 Lineup by Janelle

Walter Sickert & The ARmy of BRoken TOys are the spinners of a charming, demented fairy tale that gathers new characters all the time.

Golden Bloom Joins NXNE 2013 Lineup by Janelle

The 19th annual North by Northeast Music Festival will add a dose of melodic indie-pop to this year's event. Golden Bloom has been welcomed to the NXNE 2013 lineup.

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