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Mountain Lions Announces Single, “In The Valley” by Paul Corsi

Like a smoldering, flickering flame, the new single from Mountain Lions burns with a soft translucent glow. “In The Valley” is a glimpse behind the obscure curtain of time. 

Mountain Lions Announces Single, “California” by Paul Corsi

The new indie folk single from Mountain Lions, “California”, is an invitation into the warm glowing fold of summertime. It’s a melodic sunlit caress beckoning to explore the open road and find a sense of home amidst life's constant motion.

Arcade Fire comes under fire for dress code show. EGRESS has another idea. by Paul Corsi

In July, the stylish and enigmatic band Arcade Fire received  backlash after announcing that their record release show would have a dress codeand a no phone policy. Arcade Fire’s rival band, This Way to the EGRESS, saw this as an opportunity to celebrate their own fans and make the most of an industry where audience banality seems to be the new normal.

MTV Iggy Features The Away Days on Southeast European Playlist by Janelle

MTV Iggy gets excited about The Away Days! 

Gimme a Break: Those Willows by Janelle

This month's Gimme A Break features Michigan natives Those Willows. The incredibly talented trio just released a new album, infusing indie folk with elements of soul and jazz. Be sure to pay attention to these guys in 2012!

This article appears in the Gimme a Break blog.

BLURT Catches Up With The Handcuffs by Janelle

The Handcuffs' Chloe F. Orwell and Brad Elvis chat with BLURT about success, band milestones, their latest record Waiting For The Robot and plans for the future!

Ex Norwegian Releases "Jet Lag" Video by Janelle

Ex Norwegian Releases new video for "Jet Lag."

Staff Infection: Mapology Mixtape by Janelle

Lauren Roberts makes a mixtape for this week’s Staff Infection

This article appears in the Staff Infection blog.

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