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Anabot Featured in Magnet's Mix Tape by Janelle

What do XTX, The Cars, Supetramp, ELO and The Clash all have in common? They all released music in 1979. Find out why 1979 is Anabot's favorite year in music and listen to her playlist of songs that make it so in her recent Make Magnet a Mix Tape feature.

Magnet Features Mixtape From Icelandic Singer-Songwriter Svavar Knútur by Janelle

Magnet recently invited Knútur back to create a mixtape. Featuring tracks from Iggy Pop, Yo La Tengo and Low, this talented folk musician’s mixtape is a must-read.

Indie Pop Band Fialta Releases New Single “Baby, I” by Janelle

Fialta's latest single, “Baby, I,” is from their July 23 debut full-length release, Summer Winter. The track juxtaposes kicky, addictive pop hooks with lines like “Baby, I kill myself for you.”

Golden Bloom Plays Live Online Show via StageIt August 14 by Janelle

"Shawn Fogel has made it both his work and his creative context to dig into the recent past to explore the feelings and fears that preoccupied him. He finds a kind of resiliency in the contours of the song, ‘You Go On And On,’ one that touches on the ways that hopes and dreams find footings or tragedy as they get spent." —Daytrotter - Sean Moeller

American Songwriter Premieres The Petticoat Tearoom’s Self-Titled Album by Janelle

Drawing comparisons to My Morning Jacket, Dawes and Blitzen Trapper, The Petticoat Tearoom are more than up to the task of joining such names on a roots-revival bill.” –American Songwriter

Magnet Features Svavar Knútur’s “While the World Burns” Featuring The Swell Season’s Marketa Irglova by Janelle

“With half of the year in sun, and the other in gloomy darkness, it’s no wonder why [Iceland's] Knútur bleeds his emotions out in his songs.” -Magnet, MP3 at 3PM

Therese Aune Releases New Acoustic Dream Pop Track “In My Quiet Place” by Janelle

Amidst an era of constant socialization, online and off, Therese Aune’s newest single, “In My Quiet Place,” speaks to the joy that can come from finding a spot to call your own, where you can gather your thoughts and freedom.

Magnet Features Mixtape from Post-Pop Band The Anatomy of Frank by Janelle

“Virginia post-pop up ‘n’ comers The Anatomy of Frank are releasing debut LP Pangaea on July 16. We shelled out a free mp3 of their track ‘Bill Murray’ last month, and now the guys wanted to hook us up with a mix tape.” –Magnet

My Old Kentucky Blog Premieres Therese Aune’s New Acoustic Dream Pop Single “We Will Never Be the Ones” by Janelle

“The orchestral and cinematic sounds wrap around Aune’s subtle, emotive vocals taking the listeners to a dreamy other world. She has drawn comparisons to Joanna Newsom and ‘We Will Never Be The Ones’ will show you just why.” -My Old Kentucky Blog

Magnet’s MP3 at 3PM Features The Petticoat Tearoom’s “Love Isn’t Gone” by Janelle

“Residing in the hot seat of the U.S. of A., D.C.’s the Petticoat Tearoom make tracks in the old fashion manner.” -Magnet, MP3 at 3PM

Magnet Features The Anatomy of Frank’s New Single “Bill Murray” by Janelle

On “Bill Murray,” the acrobatic melody is charged with dramatic piano, a jungle of synth and effects and echoing vocals by Kyle Woodard.

Magnet’s MP3 at 3PM Features Fialta’s Latest “Photographs” by Janelle

“If latest single ‘Photographs’ is any indication of the rest of the LP, this record would make for a soundtrack to a complete summer." -Magnet, MP3 at 3PM

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