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Mackenzie Shivers Releases Feb. 8 Album by Paul Corsi

The new adult contemporary album, The Unkindness, from Mackenzie Shivers burns with empathy like a smoke signal bursting through the haze of political destruction in the United States. Seeking comfort during chaos, each song on The Unkindness travels like a lifeboat in troubled waters. Guiding the way towards dry land, Shivers reaches a compassionate hand into the ocean of ugliness and rescues those beginning to sink under. The Unkindness is out February 8.

Mackenzie Shivers Announces Single, "The Unkindness" by Paul Corsi

The new piano-driven ballad from New York singer-songwriter, Mackenzie Shivers, stares down hate and animosity with dubious eyes and questions its purpose head-on. Piano melodies and wallowing strings layer like black velvet over rigid mountains of tension.

Mackenzie Shivers is Keyboard Magazine's Talent Scout Artist of the Week by Bri

Keyboard Magazine has featured the likes of some of the greatest talents such as Elton John and Tori Amos, and now Mackenzie Shivers. Read more about her feature as their "Talent Scout Artist of the Week"!

Elmore Magazine Exclusively Premieres "The Canyon" from Mackenzie Shivers by Bri

Elmore Magazine is here with an exclusive premiere of a new song off of Mackenzie Shivers' upcoming album! Check out the single, The Canyon", and find out how you can pre-order her album, The Unkindness.

Mackenzie Shivers Announces Single, "Tears to Keep Me Warm" by Paul Corsi

The new single from Mackenzie Shivers vaults across the piano in a rhythmically triumphant leap.

Mackenzie Shivers Announces Single, "Believe" by Paul Corsi

The new single from Queens, New York singer/songwriter, Mackenzie Shivers, opens itself up like a handwritten letter kept tucked away in the drawer of the bedside table. 

Social Stance Saturday: It's Just a Haircut (by Mackenzie Shivers) by Bri

Mackenzie Shivers is a musician, songwriter, and a woman why has battled opposition for not being "feminine". Read about her experiences with gender inequality in this Social Stance Saturday post. 

This article appears in the Social Stance Saturday blog.

No Depression Features Mackenzie Shivers on "Rookies on the Rise" by Nina

Living in my Head, by Macknezie Shivers is featured on No Depression.

Mackenzie Shivers Releases New Folk Rock Single, “Tell Me to Run” by Paul Corsi

Mackenzie Shivers releases new folk rock single, “Tell Me to Run”
off upcoming EP Living in My Head due out September 2

Mackenzie Shivers Announces September 2 'Living in My Head' EP Release by Paul Corsi

Mackenzie Shivers announces September 2 Living in My Head EP release
Offers first single, “Lily-Rose” as downloadable MP3

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