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Gimme a Break: Erica Bitting by Nina

With so many raw and heartfelt emotions, singer-songwriter Erica Bitting's college dorm room was just too small to contain her warm, soothing music. The feels are contagious. 

This article appears in the Gimme a Break blog.

Culture Collide Exclusive Stevie B Wolf EP Stream by Paul Corsi

Alone + Alive comes out November 6th, but you can get the exclussive listen now thanks to Culture Collide. 

Huffington Post's "Never Let You Go" Exclusive by Paul Corsi

The Huffinton Post has the exclusive premiere of Lauren Marsh's track "Never Let You Go."

Merry Ellen Kirk Releases New Indie-Folk Single, “Ever After” by Alex Marsack

Take a chance on the impossible because we all want our happy-ever-after, and Merry Ellen Kirk is willing to help us get there with the release of her new single "Ever After" off upcoming album due out October 23rd

Lauryn Peacock Releases New Single "All My Mind" by Kyle Bendel

Lauryn Peacock Releases New Indie Folk Single, “All My Mind” Off New Album Euphonia Out Now

Merry Ellen Kirk Announces October 23 Album Release by Kyle Bendel

Merry Ellen Kirk Announces October 23, 2015 We Are the Dreamers Album Release Offers First Single, “Lovers & Liars” as Downloadable MP3

Stevie B Wolf Announces Nov. 6 EP Release by Kourtney Rogus

Stevie B Wolf announces EP due out Nov. 6; offers first single "Nothing But A Name" as downloadable MP3

Diego Davidenko Announces August 28 'It Isn’t Home' Album Release by Kourtney Rogus

Diego Davidenko Announces August 28 It Isn’t Home Album Release
Offers First Single, “I and You” as Downloadable MP3

Rahim Quazi Releases Single "Relax/Believe" by Alex Marsack

The perfect song for a day on a hammock under the sun, give "Relax/Believe" a listen this weekend... or later this afternoon!

The Wild Honey Pie Premiere's Cariad Harmon's "Like You" Video, A Time-Lapsed Art Animation by Megan Fisher

“Cariad Harmon has us searching for love.” --Nicole Ortiz - The Wild Honey Pie

Changing Your Life With Love and Music by Janelle

Lisa Richards, a wonderful folk musician from Australia, sat down with us recently to discuss why she feels 2013 will ultimately be shapped by her new album "Beating of the Sun," due out January 22nd, and her love for all living things.

Fresh MP3 Friday: SXSW is Around the Corner, but Love is in the Air by Janelle

This article appears in the Fresh Mp3 Friday blog.

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