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The University of Texas' "The Horn" Interviews Gangstagrass by Janelle

Ever wonder how Willie Nelson, Run DMC, George Jones and Jay-Z would collaborate on a song? Gangstagrass has your answer! In this interview with "The Horn", Gangstagrass mastermind, Rench, discusses the unique flavor behind his rap 'n' grass project.

Gangstagrass' Rappalachia hits #43 on Hip Hop and #48 on Country Charts by Megan Fisher

It's a no-brainer people. You definitely want to hear this album!

Gangstagrass Announces First Clue to Scavenger Hunt by Megan Fisher

Exclusive Bonus Content Awaits Discovery

Gangstagrass Makes it to MAGNET's MP3 at 3PM by Janelle

Hear the latest buzz about the genre-blending Gangstagrass, and download their latest single, "Western (ft. Kool Keith)" for free at MAGNET Magazine!

The Deli Joins Gangstagrass in Announcing Rappalachia! by Janelle

Check out the latest from The Deli Magazine as they help announce Gangstagrass' debut album!

Gangstagrass to Release Rappalachia June 5 by Janelle

Gangstagrass unleashes a whole album of urban twang. Rappalachia is due out June 5.

Gangstagrass and Kool Keith Team Up With A Brand New Single, "Western". by Janelle

Can't get enough Gangstagrass? Rench and the gang join forces with Kool Keith to offer up this free download of their latest single, "Western", off their debut album Rappalachia!

Gangstagrass Launches National Tour Monday, March 5 All Roads Lead to Austin by Janelle

Emmy-nominated Gangstagrass sets out on the road for their national tour, starting in West Virginia, making a pit stop in Austin for SXSW, and swinging over to New Orleans to finish it up! Full dates inside!

High Five! from Gangstagrass by Janelle

In this week’s High Five!, Gangstagrass showcases five of the artists that have contributed to the understanding that, “Good music can come from leaving genre boundaries behind.”

This article appears in the High Five blog.

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