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Karla Kane Announces Single, "Goodguy Sun" by Paul Corsi

The upcoming single from Karla Kane, “Goodguy Sun,” paints a wistful classic-pop picture that encapsulates the feelings of summer giving way to autumn.

Social Stance Saturday: Drop Your Weapons (by Karla Kane) by Bri

Karla Kane is a solo artist, a part of the band The Corner Laughers, a proud feminist, a mother, and now a GLG Social Stance Saturday participant. Read her Social Stance on gun control now. 

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Karla Kane -- "Don't Hush, Darling" (music video) by Paul Corsi

Karla Kane's video for "Don't Hush, Darling" features dancer/choreographer Tara Pandeya and contains an important message for all mothers to their daughters.

Karla Kane Releases New Folk-pop Single, “King’s Daughter’s Home For Incurables,” by Paul Corsi

The latest song from Karla Kane is an enchanting and epic mix of the sincere and the tongue and cheek, full of timely political references, intriguing symbolism, and a wistful melody that takes listeners from the shores of California to the lush green fields of the English countryside. 

Karla Kane -- The Lilac Line (video) by Paul Corsi

Behold! A new video to celebrate the upcoming album as well as Karla Kane's love of British transportation ... "The Lilac Line" (called "marvelously melodic" by BBC Introducing East Midlands), features Nottingham's own Fun of the Pier on bass and harmony. 

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Karla Kane Announces October 6 Album Release by Paul Corsi

The upcoming solo release from Karla Kane, King’s Daughters Home For Incurables, leads listeners into an intriguing land of acorns and tea leaves; feminism and folk tales; pagan pop and pastoral protest songs; wistful wanderings and sharp observations on the current state of the world.

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