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James Rose Announces Single, "Simplicity" by Bri

“Simplicity”, the new single from Los Angeles musician James Rose, shimmers with refreshing gleams of psychedelic folk in a sun-soaked trance. His mellow California roots echo within each sonically orchestrated flow. “Simplicity” takes a deep breath of life and breathes out a revitalizing air-clearing exhale from the mind like a wave washing the coastal shore clean. 

Social Stance Saturday: Go With the Flow: How Climate Change Impacts Your Everyday Life (by James Rose) by Bri

Could you imagine an EP titled Lullabies to the Ocean having nearly the same meaning if there were no oceans to serenade? The beauties of nature often inspire art, and James Rose is no exception. Read the social stance here.

This article appears in the Social Stance Saturday blog.

The Deli Reviews James Rose's New EP, "Lullabies to the Ocean" by Bri

The Deli LA calls James Rose's upcoming EP an "unassuming gem". Find out why here!

James Rose Announces Single, “Lullabies to the Ocean” by Paul Corsi

Named The Deli LA’s “Artist of the Month”, James Rose, releases his new indie folk single from the upcoming EP, Lullabies to the Ocean (due out July 27). The title-track is a love song from a translucent moon to the ocean below.

James Rose Announces Single, “Head for the Coast” by Paul Corsi

From out of the haze of a dimly lit Los Angeles bar comes the buzzing music of James Rose. His new single, “Head for the Coast” is a swirling combination of psychedelic melodies, punctuated instrumentation, and sonic intonation that draws inspiration from across the globe.

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