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The Other Side with Everything Independent's Kirby Desmarais by Janelle

Everything Independent founder Kirby Desmarais emphasizes the importance of collaboration, explains why there is no better time than now to make history in the music industry, and tells why a great marketing pitch goes a long way in this week's Other Side.

This article appears in the The Other Side blog.

The Man Behind Argyle Johansen by Janelle

Ever wonder what Argyle Johansen has in common with Hootie and the Blowfish? The writers over at Listen, Dammit give you the answer in an exclusive interview with John Wentz.

Michael Epstein Talks MJEML by Janelle

Haven't you always wanted to know just a little bit more about The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library? Well, Stereo Subversion gives you exactly what you're looking for!

The Lions, Armand Margjeka and Oy Vey Get Reviewed! by Janelle

Three album reviews in one place - what could be a better treat? Aiding & Abetting's album review for August features twelve artists total, including The Lions, Armand Margjeka and Oy Vey.

"Sessions from the Box" Podcast Features Cowboy and Indian by Janelle

In the June 13 podcast of "Sessions from the Box," San Francisco band Cowboy and Indian sat down with James Dineen and gave a simple yet enigmatic interview discussing their band and their music...

RIYL: Patrick Wolf, Bon Iver, Gomez & More! by Janelle

Music is a finicky business. It's one of those things many people are so particular about that offending someone's taste in music is fairly easy. We may be so picky about our artists and bands that we ignore someone's suggestion, only to start listening to the band months later and wonder why we didn't listen to them earlier.

This article appears in the RIYL blog.

High Five! from Autumn Owls by Janelle

Dublin's latest export Autumn Owls take on the world with their love of Canadian dive bars, American literature, and go-to Irish snacks in this week's High Five!

This article appears in the High Five blog.

Botanical Bullets Featured on AOL Spinner Listening Party by Janelle

Botanical Bullets' latest EP is featured in this week's AOL Spinner Listening Party.

AOL Spinner Listening Party Features Almost Free by Janelle

Almost Free's debut album "In/Out" is featured on this week's AOL Spinner Listening Party.

The Other Side with Roadbase Sales and Marketing Director Tony Edwards by Janelle

Tony Edwards, Director of Sales and Marketing at Roadbase discusses life after Sony BMG, what makes Bowling For Soup one of his favorite live bands, and offers up a few tips to keep even the most disorganized bands on the road to success.

This article appears in the The Other Side blog.

The Other Side with PopMatters Founder Sarah Zupko by Janelle

PopMatters founder, senior editor, and publisher Sarah Zupko carves her own niche into the cultural criticism world to pave the way for indie bands and freelance journalists around the world.

This article appears in the The Other Side blog.

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