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The Wild Honeypie Premieres Getaway Dogs' Single, "Papersoul II" by Bri

Getaway Dogs are a Santa Cruz based psych-folk band with a brand new single out as of October 8. Check out "Papersoul II" in The Wild Honeypie's "Buzzing Daily" feature!

Getaway Dogs Announces Single, "Papersoul II" by Paul Corsi

The single from Getaway Dogs surfs a sun-kissed wave of atmospheric guitar chords and shimmering vocal harmonies.

Getaway Dogs - Album Release Case Study by Paul Corsi

Case study for the Getaway Dogs album release. 

This article appears in the Case Studies blog.

Getaway Dogs Releases New Indie Folk Video for, "Excuses/Opinions" by Paul Corsi

Getaway Dogs releases new Indie Folk video for "Excuses/Opinions"
off recently released album Lost in the Ebb.

The Wild Honey Pie Reviews Getaway Dogs by Lauren

"Excuses/Opinons" by Getaway Dogs catches The Wild Honey Pie's attention.

The Music Ninja Premieres "Lost in the Ebb" by Getaway Dogs by Nina

The Music Ninja has the exclusive streaming album premiere of Lost in the Ebb by Getaway Dogs.

The Huffington Post Premieres Getaway Dogs by Paul Corsi

The Huffington Post has the exclussive premiere of Getaway Dogs's new song "Saturated / The Dunes."

Getaway Dogs Release New Indie Folk Single, “Excuses/Opinions” by Paul Corsi

Getaway Dogs releases new indie folk single, “Excuses/Opinions”
off upcoming album Lost In The Ebb due out August 19

Getaway Dogs - 'Lost In The Ebb' (Album Trailer) by Paul Corsi

Teaser for Getaway Dogs' upcoming debut record, Lost in the Ebb due out 8/19/16

This article appears in the Videos blog.

Getaway Dogs Announces August 19 Lost In The Ebb Album Release by Paul Corsi

Getaway Dogs announces August 18 Lost In The Ebb album release
offers first single, “Indonesia” as downloadable MP3

Getaway Dogs - Drip by Paul Corsi

starring kai killion
directed and filmed by ben judkins
slapped together by ben judkins and kai killion

This article appears in the Videos blog.

Getaway Dogs - Raw Gon Night by Paul Corsi

Starring Samantha Stone and Kai Killion. And featuring Bryan Shelton as Death.
Shot & Colored by Andrew Callaway
Directed by Alex Mallonee (

This article appears in the Videos blog.

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