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Rebekah Rolland Announces Single, “Standing Still” by Paul Corsi

The new Americana single from Rebekah Rolland, “Standing Still” is a vivid sunset gently swaying against the background of an evening prairie. With a delicate and graceful melody, it dances around abandoned plows in fields filled with quiet storied homes.

Jodee Lewis Announces Americana Single, “It Ain’t Killed Me Yet” by Paul Corsi

The new Americana single from Jodee Lewis, “It Ain’t Killed Me Yet” is an empowering kiss off from a broken-hearted lover picking up the pieces and starting over. With emotive vocals and a rolling chorus, the single has the last word, as Lewis gives an active voice to anyone left with the short end of the stick in a broken relationship.

Katie Rose Releases Soul Searching Single, “Feel” by Paul Corsi

Katie Rose Releases Soul Searching Single, “Feel” Off Upcoming EP Everything Yesterday Due Out August 19

Mackenzie Shivers Releases New Folk Rock Single, “Tell Me to Run” by Paul Corsi

Mackenzie Shivers releases new folk rock single, “Tell Me to Run”
off upcoming EP Living in My Head due out September 2

Katie Rose Announces August 18 Everything Yesterday EP Release by Paul Corsi

Katie Rose announces August 18 Everything Yesterday EP Release
offers first single, “Wonder” as downloadable MP3

Cariad Harmon - Album Release Case Study by Paul Corsi

Case Study for Cariad Harmon Album Release Campaign

This article appears in the Case Studies blog.

Merry Ellen Kirk Releases “Ever After” Video by Sam

“Ever After,” delves into the end of a dark ethereal fairytale.

Anabot Gives Sharp Kiss Of Female Fronted Electro Pop Seduction with 12/2 EP Release by Jay Tafilowski

Anabot releases her new EP Kiss Like a Knife on December 2. The EP feeds and expands the narrative of the seductive time travelling adventures of the cyborg Anabot. Travelling through time, Anabot accumulates infectious pop sounds while blending all of the best parts of 60s British Pop and reverb-soaked California psych-pop with a dancey sci-fi twist. Anabot seduces the ear, drawing the listener into a mysterious pop pantheon filled with irresistible hooks.

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