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Is It Really Worth It to Hire a PR Company When You Release New Music? by Paul Corsi

Most musicians dream of one day being on the cover of Rolling Stone, or having Pitchfork dub their album "Best New Music." Sonicbids spoke with Lauren Marsh, an award-winning, indie singer-songwriter from New Jersey, about her experience with DIY PR versus hiring a professional. 

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The Yorks Announce August 18 EP Release by Paul Corsi

The upcoming self-titled debut EP from The Yorks is a sweeping mixture of indie rock beats and acid-induced grooves wrapped together with a charming psychedelic bow. 

Blurt Magazine Reviews Allen Clapp EP by Victoria

Blurt Magazine Reviews Allen Clapp EP, Six Seasons

Steph Barrak Announces February EP Release by Paul Corsi

Steph Barrak Announces February 3 Never Again EP Release
Offers First Single, “So Familiar” as Downloadable MP3

Matt Tarka Announces September 13 'Surely Late' EP Release by Paul Corsi

Matt Tarka announces November 18 Surely Late EP Release,
offers first single, “Very Little” as downloadable MP3

Allen Clapp Announces November 11 'Six Seasons' EP Release by Paul Corsi

Allen Clapp announces november 11 Six Seasons EP release,
offers first single, “Friend Collector” as downloadable MP3

Ignition DIY Publicity Campaign: What Is It? by Paul Corsi

Are you caught between wanting more exposure and not having thousands of dollars to pay a publicist to do it for you?

On June 15 we’ll launch Ignition, a step-by-step DIY publicity campaign program, to give you weekly steps to run your own campaign clearly and effectively. All with the intent to increase exposure on your band and get your music heard.

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Is Your Single a Flop? by Janelle

Often times bands start to panic following the first week of pitching media on a single. This is after only seeing ten or 20 outlets cover the band. Did I mention it was after only one week actively promoting the release? Here's why you should stop worrying that your single is a flop. 

This article appears in the Green Light Grow blog.

Emerald Park Announces June 23 Go! Go! Go! EP Release by Janelle

Swedish indie pop group, Emerald Park, will release their GO! GO! GO! EP on Smaragd Records on June 23.

Thad Kopec Releases EP, The Ridge, May 19 by Janelle

Thad Kopec announces the release of his new cinematic indie folk EP, The Ridge, due out May 19.  Melody and lyrics paint pastoral imagery with the songs unfolding like a storybook, inviting the listener into Kopec’s imagination while engaging with their own.


Vincent Colbert Releases New Single "Rose Yellow Moon" by Janelle

Check out Vincent Colbert's new single inspired by the Polar Vortex of 2014.

*chi Releases Digital Temptation on Sept 16 by Janelle

Check out the diverse amagamation of genres and moods in *chi's upcoming Sept 16 release, Digital Temptation.

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