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Badlands Announces Second Single “Echo” by Sam

Badlands Announces Second Single “Echo” Off Upcoming Album Due Out April 2016

In Your Speakers Features Moonbabies New Single by Janelle

Check out In Your Speakers feature on Swedish duo, Moonbabies', electronic double a-side-single, Chorus/Raindrops. 

WhoaBear Releases the Grooving mp3 “Long Time” by Janelle

Who says love songs can't be cool? WhoaBear's "Long Time" is groovy and romantic.

GLG Fresh MP3 Friday: Anabot by Megan Fisher

Anabot masters the art of the arpeggio in her latest single, "Take Down".

Anabot Releases Triumphant New mp3 “Take Down” Now Available For Download by Janelle

Don't give up! Get an ear full of Anabot's new, empowering anthem, "Take Down".

GLG Fresh MP3 Friday: Anabot & Fallon Cush by Megan Fisher

Anabot offers A Melodic Twist On A Japandroids Hit & Fallon Cush Crunes A Sweet Summer Tune!

Anabot Releases Self-Titled Debut EP June 12 by Janelle

Can't get enough electro-pop? Anabot releases her self-titled debut just in time to kickstart your summer jams. Be on the look out for it June 12th.

Heading to Austin Next Week? Don't Miss Public Jones! by Janelle

If you're making your way down to Austin for the fun and festivities next week, be sure to carve some time in your calendar for electro-rock duo Public Jones.

Public Jones Goes Shopping With Gary Schwind by Janelle

Gary Schwind, of the Orange County Examiner, runs around Anaheim with electro-rock outfit Public Jones and do what any normal person would do at 11 at night - go grocery shopping. 

Public Jones Explores "Creative Uglification" in New Video "Alright" by Janelle

PUBLIC JONES is back at it with their latest video release for the song "Alright". The song is their first single off their CD The Fall, which came out January 10th.

"Sessions from the Box" Podcast Features Cowboy and Indian by Janelle

In the June 13 podcast of "Sessions from the Box," San Francisco band Cowboy and Indian sat down with James Dineen and gave a simple yet enigmatic interview discussing their band and their music...

RIYL: Patrick Wolf, Bon Iver, Gomez & More! by Janelle

Music is a finicky business. It's one of those things many people are so particular about that offending someone's taste in music is fairly easy. We may be so picky about our artists and bands that we ignore someone's suggestion, only to start listening to the band months later and wonder why we didn't listen to them earlier.

This article appears in the RIYL blog.

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