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GLG July Monthly Playlist: Daytrotter - Too Hot To Trot by Bri

When it comes to discovering new music, it doesn't get much hotter than Daytrotter. Green Light Go has an entire "Too Hot To Trot" playlist inspired by artists featured on Daytrotter including: Flint Eastwood, Naked Giants, Holy Wave and more.

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Antenna Man Daytrotter Session by Paul Corsi

The Antenna Man Daytrotter Session is now live and available for download!

Daytrotter Session with We/Or/Me by Paul Corsi

Daytrotter captures We/Or/Me's dark, folk atmospheres.

Daytrotter session with Lauryn Peacock by Paul Corsi

Check out the Daytrotter session with Lauryn Peacock

Lauryn Peacock Announces National Tour by Kyle Bendel

Lauryn Peacock announces her national tour launching July 4 at Audiofeed Festival in support of her 2015 album release,​Euphonia.

Daytrotter Session with Josh Gilligan by Kourtney Rogus

Check out the Daytrotter session with Josh Gilligan

Daytrotter Session with Skye Steele by Janelle

Check out the Daytrotter Session with Skye Steele.

Daytrotter Features Beth Bombara by Janelle

Check out Beth Bombara's Daytrotter session.

Daytrotter Lists Bonsai's "I Fashion You're A Dreamer" Amongst Their Best Songs of 2014 by Megan Fisher

Bonsai bumps elbows with the likes of Madi Diaz, Dawes, and Shakey Graves.

Bonsai Daytrotter Session by Janelle

Listen to Bonsai's performance at the Daytrotter studios and find out why Daytrotter founder, Sean Moeller, said, "Simone Stevens is already one of our favorite vocalists."

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Young Readers Take Over Daytrotter Studio by Janelle

Performing songs from his latest 2012 EP, Family Trees, and his single/B-side released last May, the Daytrotter session shows Young Readers ability to tug at listeners' heartstrings with his emotional vocal performance. 

Golden Bloom Plays Live Online Show via StageIt August 14 by Janelle

"Shawn Fogel has made it both his work and his creative context to dig into the recent past to explore the feelings and fears that preoccupied him. He finds a kind of resiliency in the contours of the song, ‘You Go On And On,’ one that touches on the ways that hopes and dreams find footings or tragedy as they get spent." —Daytrotter - Sean Moeller

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