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Mountain Lions Announces Single, “In The Valley” by Paul Corsi

Like a smoldering, flickering flame, the new single from Mountain Lions burns with a soft translucent glow. “In The Valley” is a glimpse behind the obscure curtain of time. 

Mountain Lions Announces Single, “California” by Paul Corsi

The new indie folk single from Mountain Lions, “California”, is an invitation into the warm glowing fold of summertime. It’s a melodic sunlit caress beckoning to explore the open road and find a sense of home amidst life's constant motion.

7 Common Themes to Secure Music Blog Coverage by Janelle

Can't figure out why blogs aren't covering your band (or responding to your emails)?

Take a look at the seven common themes to see if you’re setting up your band for music blog coverage.

How To Pitch A Music Blog: Consequence of Sound by Paul Corsi

There are so many bands that want to see their music in tastemaker blogs. Here are a few tips on how to reach one of our favorites, Consequence of Sound. 

5 Signs You’re Sabotaging Your Band’s Success by Janelle

Are you saboraging your band's success? Read on to find the ways you could be hurting more than you're helping. 

You Be My Heart Compilation - Album Release Case Study by Janelle

You Be My Heart Compiliation album release case study featuring Mark Kozelek, Marissa Nadler, Cloud Room, Maps + Atlases

This article appears in the Case Studies blog.

Oy Vey and Cabin Dogs Get Reviewed by Janelle

Oy Vey's Botanical Curiosity gets reviewed in Consequence of Sound, while Cabin Dogs' Midnight Trail is received positively in Blurt!

Consequence of Sound Reviews "Margo Margo" by Janelle

Armand Margjeka's album, "Margo Margo," was released on Aug. 9 and Consequence of Sound gives an appealing, positive review of the album.

Music Monday - Consequence of Sound Talks Arcade Fire, Vampire Weekend and More... by Janelle

Alex Young from Consequence of Sound takes the time to answer the Music Monday questionnaire.

This article appears in the The Other Side blog.

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