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Last Day Deaf Features Callow's Single, "Go Down" by Bri

Callow's new single, "Go Down" has been featured in Last Day Deaf's Beyond Boundaries music feature! Find out why they make a great fit by reading more!

Callow Announces Single, “Go Down” by Paul Corsi

The new single from folk-noir duo Callow races like a steady heartbeat diving deeper into the tissues of an emotional state. “Go Down” marches to a drum beat, crunchy guitar, and howling vocals blowing through the dusty atmosphere.

Social Stance Saturday: All For One and... None For All (by Red Moses of Callow) by Bri

Inspired by real life events, San Francisco duo, Callow's upcoming album explores the frustrations faced by everyday people in society. People who are simply struggling to make ends meet, and make up a large percentage of society, are being squashed under the feet of the wealthy, who make up a much smaller percentage of society. Read Red Moses's Social Stance about the prblematic wage gap. 

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Callow Announces Single, “Always About the Ones Who Have it All” by Paul Corsi

The new single from folk-noir duo Callow is a visceral howl crying out from a society left to rot. “Always About the Ones Who Have it All” pulls back a tattered curtain on the political and socio-economic state of the country, and counterbalances its dark shadow. 

Callow to Release Art Rock Album on November 19, Pre-Release Album Stream on Surviving the Golden Age by Megan Fisher

With influences ranging from Pink Floyd to Nina Simone to Pavement; strong vocals, minimal instrumentals, and haunting melodies define Callow’s music.

The Mad Mackerel Premieres Callow’s Analog Art Rock Single by Megan Fisher

"Download it. Turn the lights down low and indulge yourself. You’ll feel all the better for it!" --The Mad Mackerel

Callow Plays CMJ Showcase at PaperBox on Saturday, 10/19 by Megan Fisher

Callow’s show is mesmerizing, hypnotic, and transcendental. Suspended in primal energy there’s a palpable tension and suspense that transcends the experience into more like a meditation than a rock show.

Callow Casts Haunting Blue Spells by Megan Fisher

San Francisco duo Callow creates an enchanting experience with the release of their haunting upcoming album, Blue Spells, out November 19th.

GLG Music Monday Presents New Singles by Megan Fisher

In this weeks column, download singles from Eureka Birds, Cameron McGill, Nathan Angelo, and Callow.

The Vinyl District Gives Callow’s “Strange” an Early Spin by Megan Fisher

Life is strange. Relationships are strange. And Callow’s Red Moses and Sami Knowles are ready to take you along for that ride.

Callow - Old Horse by Megan Fisher

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