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Daniel Steinbock Announces Single, "Pine Needles" by Bri

The new indie folk single, “Pine Needles” from Danie Steinbock, awakens a spiritual love for an unnamed muse. Lyrical mystery and intrigue weave between a gentle acoustic flame burning with admiration. The track embodies the concept of the album in its complete form, the “out of blue” essence of songwriting that appears as a gift from the muse. “Pine Needles” is on the album, Out of Blue, out February 15.

Daniel Steinbock Announces Single, "Out of Blue" by Bri

The new indie folk single from Daniel Steinbock moves like a sunbeam after a light drizzle of rain, leaving the earth with a glistening varnish of dew.

Treble Zine Premieres The Yorks, "Parking Lots" by Paul Corsi

Treble Zine has the exclusive premiere of The Yorks latest track off of their upcoming debut self-titled EP.

The Yorks Announce August 18 EP Release by Paul Corsi

The upcoming self-titled debut EP from The Yorks is a sweeping mixture of indie rock beats and acid-induced grooves wrapped together with a charming psychedelic bow. 

Jupiter Deluxe Tube Announces June 2 Product of Insomnia Debut Album Release by Paul Corsi

Jupiter Deluxe Tube announces the debut album release, Product of Insomnia, due out on June 2. The first single, "Home" is available right now as a downloadable mp3.

Known to Collapse Announces January Album Release by Paul Corsi

Known to Collapse announces January 20 Transport Paradise etheral psych pop album release.
Offers First Single, “What Is Said” as a downloadable MP3.

The Huffington Post Premieres Getaway Dogs by Paul Corsi

The Huffington Post has the exclussive premiere of Getaway Dogs's new song "Saturated / The Dunes."

Getaway Dogs Release New Indie Folk Single, “Excuses/Opinions” by Paul Corsi

Getaway Dogs releases new indie folk single, “Excuses/Opinions”
off upcoming album Lost In The Ebb due out August 19

Getaway Dogs Announces August 19 Lost In The Ebb Album Release by Paul Corsi

Getaway Dogs announces August 18 Lost In The Ebb album release
offers first single, “Indonesia” as downloadable MP3

Corner Laughers - Album Release Case Study by Paul Corsi

Case Study for Corner Laughers Album Release Campaign 

This article appears in the Case Studies blog.

The Corner Laughers Release "Martha (Cincinnati, 1914)" Video by Alex Marsack

The Corner Laughers release "Martha (Cincinnati, 1914)" video.

This article appears in the Videos blog.

The Corner Laughers Releases "Queen of the Meadow" Single by Janelle

Indie twee pop band, The Corner Laughers, releases the second single off their upcoming album, Matilda Effect, ​due out June 12.

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