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Getaway Dogs Announces Single, “Excuses/Opinions II” by Paul Corsi

The single from Getaway Dogs  ebbs and flows like a shimmering ocean wave crashing against a kaleidoscope skyline.

Getaway Dogs Announces Single, "Papersoul II" by Paul Corsi

The single from Getaway Dogs surfs a sun-kissed wave of atmospheric guitar chords and shimmering vocal harmonies.

Callow Announces Single, “Always About the Ones Who Have it All” by Paul Corsi

The new single from folk-noir duo Callow is a visceral howl crying out from a society left to rot. “Always About the Ones Who Have it All” pulls back a tattered curtain on the political and socio-economic state of the country, and counterbalances its dark shadow. 

Getaway Dogs - Album Release Case Study by Paul Corsi

Case study for the Getaway Dogs album release. 

This article appears in the Case Studies blog.

PureVolume Premieres Known To Collapse's New Album by Paul Corsi

PureVolume premieres the new Known To Collapse album, Transport Paradise.

Known to Collapse Announces January Album Release by Paul Corsi

Known to Collapse announces January 20 Transport Paradise etheral psych pop album release.
Offers First Single, “What Is Said” as a downloadable MP3.

Getaway Dogs Releases New Indie Folk Video for, "Excuses/Opinions" by Paul Corsi

Getaway Dogs releases new Indie Folk video for "Excuses/Opinions"
off recently released album Lost in the Ebb.

Getaway Dogs Release New Indie Folk Single, “Excuses/Opinions” by Paul Corsi

Getaway Dogs releases new indie folk single, “Excuses/Opinions”
off upcoming album Lost In The Ebb due out August 19

The Corner Laughers Release "Martha (Cincinnati, 1914)" Video by Alex Marsack

The Corner Laughers release "Martha (Cincinnati, 1914)" video.

This article appears in the Videos blog.

The Corner Laughers Releases "Queen of the Meadow" Single by Janelle

Indie twee pop band, The Corner Laughers, releases the second single off their upcoming album, Matilda Effect, ​due out June 12.

The Corner Laughers Announce June 12 Album Release by Janelle

The Corner Laughers announce the release of the sun-drenched twee pop album on June 12.

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