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Dusty Stray Announces Single, “Through The Atmosphere” by Paul Corsi

The first single of the fifth album Estranged by Netherlands-based American indie folk act Dusty Stray resembles a ghost. A friendly ghost. On first listen, the gentle, dreamy track sounds like a lullaby. But, “Through The Atmosphere” is actually a reflection on mortality, death and the afterlife.

Here's the Best Time to Release Your Album in 2017 by Janelle

There are a lot of ebbs and flows throughout the year, which can create chaos for a band attempting to release an album. How do you know the best time to set your release?

The Cover Letter Releases New Indie Rock Single, “Josephine” by Paul Corsi

The Cover Letter Releases New Indie Rock Single, “Josephine”
Off Upcoming EP Cities Made of Sand Due Out February 17

Before I Was Famous: 5 Musicians You Should Know by Paul Corsi

There are a lot of great musicians out there, but I've compmiled a personal list of favorites for you to follow. Read on to find out what makes these 5 so great! 

This article appears in the Green Light Grow blog.

6 Simple Steps to Make the Most of SXSW 2015 by Janelle

Is this your first time to SXSW or you're just not sure what to do to make it a successful experience? Follow these 6 simple steps to stand out from the crowd and reach your SXSW 2015 goals.

This article appears in the Green Light Grow blog.

Band Hacks: The Best Time to Release Your Album by Janelle

Ready to release your next record? Find out the best time to release your album for maximum exposure.

This article appears in the The Other Side blog.

Lovely Quinces Among BuzzFeed’s 50 SXSW Acts You Need To Hear by Megan Fisher

Lovely Quinces video for “Wrong House” lands at number 40.

Pete's Music Blog Interviews GLG Owner Janelle Rogers by Janelle

In an interview with Pete's Music Blog, GLG owner Janelle Rogers gives advice for aspiring publicists and musicians, in addition to discussing the ins-and-outs of Green Light Go's unique approach to music publicity.

Magnet Features Young Readers’ Serene Folk Jam “Boxcar” on MP3 at 3PM by Janelle

Young Readers captivated Magnet with their dreamy indie folk. "Boxcar," the first single off the Family Trees EP, was featured on Magnet’s MP3 at 3PM.

Young Readers Release New Single "Homesick" Out Now by Janelle

There is almost always a dreamy or imaginary quality to Young Readers indie folk songs; a sense that reality is suspended, even if for a few minutes.

yOya Releases New EP Go North on New Professor Music Due Out July 16 by Janelle

Shaped by travels across the west coast, Go North is about waking up, finding an escape from the routine and working things out.

Green Light Go's Got Your Week in Austin Covered! by Janelle

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