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4 Simple Steps to Creating a Killer Press List by Janelle

Sending emails after email to media and not getting a response? Find out how to create a killer press list to can help garner media coverage!

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How to Submit to a Collaborative Playlist by Bri

The year is coming to an end, and we need your help in creating our "Best of 2017" playlist. If you are as excited as we are to add a favorite song, but you just aren't sure how to add it to the collaborative playlist, you can read our instructions on how to do it. 

GLG April Monthly Playlist: Spring Into Action by Emily

Please your ears and take a listen to this indie rock and pop selection inspired by Impose Magazine. Bursting at the seams with propelling tempos, a shimmering demeanor, and ethereal vibes - just in time for Spring. Featuring artists like The Shins, Hippo Campus, Glassio, and GLG's own Allen Clapp, Steph Barrak, Known To Collapse, The Cover Letter, and Split Screens.

Known to Collapse Announces January Album Release by Paul Corsi

Known to Collapse announces January 20 Transport Paradise etheral psych pop album release.
Offers First Single, “What Is Said” as a downloadable MP3.

Matt Tarka Announces September 13 'Surely Late' EP Release by Paul Corsi

Matt Tarka announces November 18 Surely Late EP Release,
offers first single, “Very Little” as downloadable MP3

The Valery Trails Announces August 5 Chameleon Bones Album Release by Paul Corsi

The Valery Trails announces August 5 Chameleon Bones album release
offers first single, “OK” as downloadable MP3

Kinder Than Wolves Releases New Single, “Hover” by Paul Corsi

Kinder Than Wolves Releases New Single, “Hover” Off Upcoming EP Mean Something Due Out April 15

Ryan's Smashing Life Premieres The North Country Single by Sara McKay

DC Indie Rockers The North Country Debut Floating Heartbreak Single, Never There Part 1

The North Country Releases "The Cross We Bear" Video by Janelle

Watch Office Space tedium through the eyes of a wooden character.

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What Music Puts You in the Mood? by Janelle

Today’s post will teach you to think like a consumer (and potential new fan) so you are properly listing and tagging your soundcloud for the greatest exposure.

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Can You Resist Digital Temptation? by LeeAnn

Magnet Magazine Premieres *Chi's Haunting Single “Digital Temptation”; Title track from Forthcoming EP out Sept. 16

*chi Releases Digital Temptation on Sept 16 by Janelle

Check out the diverse amagamation of genres and moods in *chi's upcoming Sept 16 release, Digital Temptation.

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