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4 Signs You're Ready to Hire a Music Publicist by Janelle

We have a lot of bands who come to Green Light Go wanting to hire us as their music publicist. And of the bands that show up in our inbox, we only take on about 10%. Much of the time it’s about the music, but there are a few other factors that tell us if a band is ready for a music publicist and why we need to pass.

5 Ways to Prepare for a Music PR Campaign by Janelle

If you really want blogs and the music industry to take you seriously, you need to have all your affairs in order. Whether you are running your own campaign or hiring a music publicist, there are five things you can and should do if you want to see a more successful campaign.

Creating The Perfect Spotify Playlist by Janelle

You want to get on a great spotify playlist, right? The only problem is that you only have a couple dozen followers on Spotify, your songs have the infamous “<1000” stream tracker next to them, and you don’t have Spotify-curator contacts who will give you the time of day.

One of the easiest ways to get on a great Spotify playlist is to create your own. Check out these four steps to create a great playlist to catch the attention of others.

Steph Barrak - EP Case Study by Paul Corsi

Case study for Steph Barrak EP release. 

This article appears in the Case Studies blog.

Less Is More: Why You Should Pitch Your Music to Fewer Publications by Janelle

Logic dictates that the more music bloggers you reach out to about your band, the more coverage you’ll receive. This is not necessarily true. Read on to find out why sometimes less is more. 

Here's the Best Time to Release Your Album in 2017 by Janelle

There are a lot of ebbs and flows throughout the year, which can create chaos for a band attempting to release an album. How do you know the best time to set your release?

5 Ways to Create Media Interest as a DIY Musician by Janelle

Whether you're working with a publicist or running your own DIY PR campaign, it can often feel like no one cares. When that's the case, it's usually due to external drivers. Here is how to go about it.

This article appears in the Green Light Grow blog.

3 Tools For Finding Coverage by Janelle

How do we find missing coverage so we’re not spending hours scouring the Internet? Here are three tools we use in tandem to track coverage.

This article appears in the Green Light Grow blog.

Setting Your 2016 Goals by Janelle

As 2015 comes to a close it’s time to start thinking about what you want to achieve in 2016. It’s one thing to talk about what you want to achieve, it’s another actually making it happen.

This article appears in the Green Light Grow blog.

Lauren Marsh Releases New Indie-Pop Single, “Wildfire” by Sam

Lauren Marsh announces the second single off of her upcoming EP, Veracity, due out January 22. Titled “Wildfire,” this track delivers an Adele-flavored ballad that begins with sparse piano chords, but comes into its own as a gargantuan falsetto-and-synth driven machine.

Suntrodden Announces February 5, 2016 EP Release by Sam

Indie pop act Suntrodden announces EP, Suntrodden I, due out February 5, 2016, with first single, “Sunrise to Sunset.” Suntrodden’s debut presents a love letter to stripped-down songwriting, giving listeners five tracks dedicated to capturing the raw passion of live tracking, and letting the beauty of the songs stand for themselves.

American Songwriter's Daily Discovery: Merry Ellen Kirk, "Lovers & Liars" by Paul Corsi

Merry Ellen Kirk is the Daily Discovery in American Songwriter. You can learn everything you need to know about Kirk including why she wrote her new song "Lovers & Liars."

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