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Quicksilver Daydream Announces June 16 Album Release by Paul Corsi

Adam Lytle, the creative spark behind Quicksilver Daydream, is a quiet individual who spends a lot of time alone with his thoughts in books and journals. He moved to Brooklyn from the farm where he grew up in a house nestled in the woods of Ohio, to a 1.5 bedroom apartment in one of the busiest cities in the world. 

Band Hacks: The Best Time to Release Your Album by Janelle

Ready to release your next record? Find out the best time to release your album for maximum exposure.

This article appears in the The Other Side blog.

Australia’s Emperors Play 3 Shows Including Aussie BBQ and Official CMJ Showcase by Megan Fisher

Coming from the most isolated major city in the world is Perth’s Emperors, ready to take the Big Apple by storm.

GLG Music Monday - New MP3s for fans of Passion Pit, Twin Forks, The Pixies by Megan Fisher

GLG Music Monday Features New Singles from The Bynars | Sidney York | Emperors

CMJ Features iNCH.'s "Artful Dodger" by Janelle

CMJ featured the Oliver Twist-inspired "Artful Dodger" on their website and asked iNCH. about Singapore's burgeoning music scene.

CMJ Mixtape Features Therese Aune’s "In My Quiet Place" by Janelle

CMJ featured her acoustic dream pop track “In My Quiet Place” on their August mixtape. The track starts softly, a pastoral tone poem of piano, cello and violin spinning a gentle spell until the drums kick in sending Aune’s wordless vocals on a flight of breathless exaltation.

Golden Bloom on BreakThru Radio - The Rabid Sessions at Thump Studios by Janelle

Golden Bloom on BreakThru Radio - The Rabid Sessions at Thump Studios

Golden Bloom to Play the 6th Annual Williamsburgers and Weiners BBQ Block Party 6/21 by Janelle

Get to New York for the 6th Annual Williamsburgers and Weiners BBQ Block Party!

High Five! from Oy Vey by Janelle

The gentlemen of Oy Vey tip their hats to Recession Girls around the world with their High Five! of recession-era essentials.

This article appears in the High Five blog.

Transcendence, Ex Norwegian, and Ross and the Wrongens On CMJ's Download This! by Janelle

Labelmates Transcendence and Ex Norwegian, as well as fellow GLGers Ross and the Wrongens find themselves featured in CMJ's Download This 

Ex Norwegian Featured On CMJ's On The Verge by Janelle

Miami's indie pop outfit Ex Norwegian catches the attention of CMJ. Check out there feature with On The Verge!

The Other Side with Jessica G Photography's Jessica Glick by Janelle

Jessica G Photography founder Jessica Glick discusses life in the "Big Apple," explains why chemistry is crucial when handpicking artists for a photo shoot, and shares why it was such a pleasure to work with Adam Duritz in this week's Other Side feature.

This article appears in the The Other Side blog.

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