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While Wild Skies has carved out their own, unique sound at the intersection of folk, rock and Americana, the band members have come from all different musical backgrounds, each of them bringing a different perspective to the collaboration. That diversity, at its core, is what has helped Wild Skies forge their own path and distinctive sound.

The Chicago based foursome came together through a series of Craigslist ads posted by Ohio transplant and singer/songwriter Aaron Lechlak while searching for band members to help with studio work in early 2014. Teaming up with opera trained singer Kristine Sorum-Williams, jazz bassist Tommy Good, and folk drummer Andy Kearns, what began as a solo project evolved into a three-part harmonic melting pot of folk-rock.

The group pulls largely from modern indie/folk influences, with big harmony hooks and anthemic finishes, though at the heart of it is music rooted in a blend of the American music they grew up on. The newest release conveys heartache, loss and the everyday challenges of growing up and finding a place in the world. Lechlak and Sorum-Williams trade off taking the lead, and the group leans often on almost familial three-part harmonies throughout.

In early 2016, after a major shakeup in their lineup, the band hit reset and began writing and rehearsing as a four-piece. The stripped down sound gave the group a better appreciation for the simple; requiring them to lean heavily on their vocal harmonies to achieve the big sound they were looking for.

Enlisting the help of engineer Chris Harden (Hard Working Americans, Rachael Yamagata, Plain White T’s) the four began work on an 8 song LP in the summer of 2016. The result will be the group’s first studio effort as a full band. A natural evolution from their more casual 2014 debut, the record maintains an organic, acoustic driven backbone, but introduces electric textures, better developed vocal harmonies, and more seasoned songwriting and storytelling.

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“The harmonies are by far the best part, but the lyrics are pretty snazzy too. They have a jubilant, youthful flavor and a lyrical complexity that smacks of greater maturity.” -Greg Jones, Ear to the Ground

Greg Jones, Ear to the Ground

"We don’t really do star ratings or anything around here, but this is a “must own” for serious fans of pop folk music." [4/19/2017]

Ear To The Ground
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Left to Right: Tommy Good, Kristine Sorum-Williams, Aaron Lechlak, Andy Kearns Photo credit: Elaine Miller Download larger image
Left to Right: Andy Kearns, Aaron Lechlak, Tommy Good, Kristine Sorum-Williams Photo credit: Elaine Miller Download larger image
From Left to Right: Andy Kearns, Kristine Sorum-Williams, Aaron Lechlak, Tommy Good Photo credit: Elaine Miller Download larger image


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