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Treehouse Sanctum

Treehouse Sanctum is an American folk rock band based in Denver, Colorado. When the band was first formed, singer and guitarist Sam Rymer had just finished building a treehouse for his son. For him, writing and creating music was an escape from the worries of the world and being a single parent. Just as a hideout hidden amidst the swaying branches became a doorway to infinite possibility, each new song became a small world all its own. The adventure of creating music could only be compared to the magic of childhood discovery. Treehouse Sanctum is a nod to the innocence of youth and a more symbolic sanctuary, where creativity is allowed to explore freely.

In 2011, after a house jam session with singer and keyboardist Danya Lynn Uptegrove, the two decided to form the band. Playing as a duo and focusing on harmony and rhythm, the two wrote feverishly and created a strong catalog of songs early. In 2013, the band expanded to include Andrew Horwath (drums, percussion, keys), and again two years later with the additions of Jeremy Gleason (lead guitar), Dewayne Rymer (trumpet, keys) and Ben Slaughter (bass) as permanent members. Treehouse Sanctum released their debut album, Shake the Shadow in 2014. With the line-up set as a polished six-piece band that delivers fun and exciting live shows, they are set to release their new album, Vivere, which is Latin for “to live”, in the spring of 2017. The band has performed with Mumford & Sons, The Flaming Lips and Dawes.

Treehouse Sanctum focuses on intelligent, emotive lyrics covering heroism, love, hope and faith. They couple driving, yet groove-filled rhythms with intricately layered, nuanced instrumentation and harmonies to create a complex and dynamic sound. The band lives well with the knowledge that life is best when you are surrounded by and collaborate with those that inspire you. The innocence of youth has faded, but its memory can be heard through the rough planks and weathered lines of Treehouse Sanctum.

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"The band creates an unique fused sound of folk, indie rock, jazz & boot stomping Americana." [5/5/2017]


"Treehouse Sanctum sounds like an Americana orchestra." [5/4/2017]

Josh Johnson, The Denver Post

“They’ve found that sweet spot between soft melodies and complicated, layered instrumental textures.”

Stephanie March, Denver Post
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Treehouse Sanctum - Pilot & Crew

The single "Pilot & Crew" is a song based on the true story of Lt. Devert Rymer and his crew of nine airmen aboard the final flight of Buffalo Gal, a B-24 Liberator. As a P.O.W., Lt. Rymer kept a hidden diary, documenting the final flight & his captivitiy. It...

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