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Somewhere in between classic and modern, what is pop and psychedelic, you will find The Yorks. An archetypal partnership of two like minded souls, George Azanza and Louis Richard IV, are ready to share their eclectic take on rock music with the world. The multi-instrumentalist duo came together, perhaps aided by fate, to deliver a musical adventure that will sweep you with hard driving rock beats and acid-induced grooves.

Azanza started The Yorks in 2014 as an outlet to deliver his compositions to the public. He met Richard while looking for a bass guitar player. They instantly recognized the benefit of combining their artistic talents. They shared a musical vision and even owned the same model bass guitar, a cheap Epiphone Viola Bass. However, there was a problem. Richard had never been in a band and had barely touched the bass he had bought. While the young man was aware of his shortcomings, he was not going to let this opportunity slip by. Thus, he lied to be allowed in. Richard quickly mastered his instrument. It wasn't until a year later that Richard finally revealed the truth to a stunned Azanza. Azanza’s response was, "You played it off pretty damn well." In all actuality Richard did not lie. He was simply unaware of the greater truth that hid underneath misguided ideas of who is qualified to be part of a band and who is not.

The next couple of years turned into a journey through tumultuous waters for the group. Several roster shakeups and personal problems put the fate of the project in a shroud. However, instead of giving up, Azanza and Richard turned their problems into potential and decided to make a record. The band drew from their experience in order to write characters in a state of uncertainty, looking for order in different ways. “Parking Lots” captures the idea of a person in a state of pure absurdity and chaos, trying to make sense of the world and of human nature; “Liaison” explores the perspective of a man whose relationship had come to an end, and try to express a exaggerated way of looking for order in this state of change. They sought to bring themes of absurdity, love and disappointment into catchy pop songs that speak to the many parts of the soul.

The Yorks were fortunate enough to work with producers Chris Lynch and Adam Rasmussen of Gardens and Villa, the indispensable magicians that aided the heroes in their quest. Together, they were able to bring out five charming tracks that share a classic and coherent sound. From the slow hazy jam on “Dream 9” to the rocking bizarre adventure in “Parking Lots”, there is something here for everyone to enjoy. Their songwriting explores the chaotic nature of life and attempts to distill musical order from it by speaking thoughtfully and truthfully through their art. There is something special to be found, and something for everyone to enjoy.

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The Yorks Releases New Indie Rock Single,”Parking Lots”

LA duo, The Yorks, announce the single “Parking Lots” off the upcoming release of their debut self-titled EP. Recorded by Chris Lynch and Adam Rasmussen (Gardens and Villa), the track is a carefree psychedelic heartbeat complete with shimmering falsettos. 

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"[The Yorks] found a way to harness the familiarity of their indie rock reverberations while creating a drastic individuality that shakes the genre to its foundation." [5/26/2017]

Joshua Pickard, Nooga
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