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The Incredible Vickers Brothers

When you’ve played in as many bands and performed as many different styles of music as California native Robert Vickers has, there’s bound to be some confusion along the way. Somewhere down the line he became ‘Rob’ to some and ‘Bob’ to others. This helped contribute to a musical split-personality which allowed him to be bassist in the late 1980’s for psych-rock outfit Cerebral Corps then by the 90’s morph into his role as drummer for jangly West Coast popsters, The Orange Peels.

In between, he kept himself busy in a variety of one-off theatrical activities that included writing the stage play ‘A Night at the Supermarket’ and writing/performing with well-loved Santa Cruz sketch comedy troupe ‘Dangerous Neighbors’.
When Vickers decided to finally focus his attention on recording some of the many songs he’d written over the years, Orange Peels main man Allen Clapp offered to produce what eventually became ‘Gallimaufry’.
Released by the Bus Stop Label in 2008, ‘Gallimaufry’ allowed Vickers to create a multi-instrumentalist brother act that reveled in British flavored ‘60’s pop-rock while also conjuring a modern roots based Folk-Americana with stops at Surf City and the Brill Building along the way. The record garnered high praise from critics upon release but was met with near unanimous commercial apathy.
In the 10 years since the record’s release, life brought the big ‘D’ triumvirate of Death, Divorce and Depression resulting in a return to songwriting and recording. Now, nearly a full decade later, The Incredible Vickers Brothers return with ‘Torch Songs for Swingers’, a new collection of music addressing loss, longing, memory and mid-life crisis.

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The Incredible Vickers Brothers Announces Power-pop Single “Mirrors”

The new single from The Incredible Vickers Brothers, “Mirrors”, revells in British flavored ‘60s pop-rock, roots based Americana, and hand clapping Surf City nostalgia. With infectious melodies puckering at the front of the pallet, the song finds deeper meaning in frustration and self-reflection.

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"Vickers takes a circus ringleader’s approach to bringing together Beatles-esque melodies, jangly power pop, surf rock, bluegrass, and general Americana twang, all laced to each other with a Vaudevillian show-biz goofiness and linguistic and musical wit."

Maura Walz- PopMatters

"The melange of melodies are performed and engineered to perfection."


Vickers even exhibits a similar sense of sunshine pop winsomeness on frustrated love songs

Stewart Mason- All Music

"A crisp bop rich in poetic lyrics and sweet sweet sax."

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