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Sean Pawling

Hailing from South Lake Tahoe, Sean Pawling is a classically trained trombonist turned alternative pop singer-songwriter. After moving to Southern California, Sean released his first EP, Inner Child, in 2011, followed by the expansive Eye for an Eiger LP in 2014. Sean’s music evokes the idyllic atmosphere of his hometown, while flirting with the gritty sounds characteristic of the Los Angeles sonic landscape. Powerful horn arrangements paired with unexpected melodies produce a layered, genre-defying result at the intersection of Jason Mraz, Belle & Sebastian, and Cake.

Sean has shared a stage with Matt Costa and written brass arrangements for his song "Ritchie." Sean has also appeared on Sacramento’s NPR station Capitol Public Radio multiple times on Insight With Beth Ruyak. His performances have taken him around the country, from Napa to Santa Fe to Nashville.

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Sean Pawling Releases Jan. 25 Album

Sunsinking, the new album from Los Angeles indie folk musician, Sean Pawling, bends like refractions of light shifting in and out of a sonic prism. Sean Pawling is a classically trained trombonist turned indie singer-songwriter whose music evokes the idyllic atmosphere of his hometown while flirting with the gritty sounds characteristic of the Los Angeles landscape. 

Sean Pawling Announces Single, "Rio Grande"

The new single from LA’s Sean Pawling accompanies a Central American immigrant woman trying to get across the US border, and highlights her dogged determination for a better life. “Rio Grande” centers around trombone melodies expanding across the track to create a vast, open landscape set before the protagonist’s journey. 

Social Stance Saturday: November 6- Put That on Your Calendar (by Sean Pawling)

Do you want to make an impact for change that goes BEYOND voting this election season? Sean Pawling, Los Angeles based musician and songwriter, gives a fascinating perspective and insight as not only an artist but as an everyday citizen wanting to do more. In this Social Stance Saturday blog, he gives easy, relatable advice on how to take it to the next level.  

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"...lush lyrical imagery, heartwarming horn arrangements, and some stabby pop synthesizer to boot." [1/16/19]

Jack Anderson, KUTX

"Sean Pawling climbs Mt. Eiger to a summit of sunny pop songs and majestic arrangements."

Matt Costa, songwriter and musician

"A breezy attitude that is going to basically have your head bopping indefinitely." [1/29/19]

Independent Clauses

"'Rio Grande' has groovy horns, a nice thump, and catchy vocals — a refreshing arrangement that is a pleasure to swing along to." [1/18/19]

Indie Pot Pie

"Hints of the psych-pop fervor of bands like Olivia Tremor Control and The Apples in Stereo also shine through, creating a deceptively cheerful atmosphere in which Pawling recounts how this person is put behind bars but still yearns for that freedom which is so very close." [1/8/19]

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