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Scott Fab

Singer-songwriter Scott Fab’s introduction to music came from Detroit punk. As a member of the hardcore band GCMS he was part of the same Cass Corridor-scene that spawned the legendary pioneers of the genre, Negative Approach. After practice sessions he started writing songs, when he would put down his drumsticks and pick up a guitar, thus starting his transformation in sound and style.

Having drifted away from music in the early 2000s, Fab started performing again in 2013 and soon afterwards began working on a new batch of songs. He now returns with the resulting album, Leave My Friends. His arrestingly scuffed-up vocals are the sound of Midwest desolation laid bare over the bones of an acoustic guitar and chronicle the complex nature of relationships and loss that haunt us all as we travel through life - a permanent reminder that our existence isn’t guaranteed to be long.

Newton’s Third Law of Motion states that “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction,” and it’s a law that is as applicable to Fab’s own life as it is the world of physics. Working in a technical field by day, his musical output provides balance in his life, affording him a creative counterpoint.

Fab’s gift for both melody and lyrics will delight fans of Ray Lamontagne, Ron Sexsmith and Ryan Adams alike, as he combines a rustic mystique with striking stories of everyday life. As well as gathering them from his own personal experiences, he draws inspiration from cycling through his local neighborhood and from the novels of Willa Cather and the poems of Charles Simic.

The recording process took place one-day-a-month over the course of a year, when time and money allowed, and this slow-burning approach matches the considered style of his music. Recorded at Big Sky Recording in Ann Arbor, Michigan with musical allies Cary Marsh and Gary Watts, and engineer Geoff Michael, you can hear the deliberation and thought that has gone into every track.

For Fab, his songs are a way of making a permanent connection with the listener. It’s why he’d rather play to an audience that’s more interested in a well-delivered song than a cheap drink and why he finds the superficial nature of social media so depressing. There’s still something to be said for doing things properly, such as devoting a year of his life to the creation of Leave My Friends, and anyone who hears his music will know that it’s been time well spent by Scott Fab.

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"Leave My Friends is a fantastic work of storytelling that can hold its own next to the work of Ray Lamontagne" [4/18/17]

Metro Times

"Combining a bucolic heartache with a collection of subdued melodies, he forms a bridge to his past and the moments that hold special significance to him." [1/27/17]

Joshua Pickard, Nooga

Artist Spotlight - "mellow, thoughtful, acoustic guitar music" [4/19/17]

Melody Baetens, Detroit News
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