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Reverend Screaming Fingers

The Reverend cut his teeth playing slide guitar to the predawn light of the desert sunrise while prowling around the big city shined a light on another kind of audience altogether. His preaching takes you on a road trip for the ears and eyes. It pours forth from his soul and is translated through his fingers. There are dynamic and melodic compositions with searing and subtle guitar work, skilled improvisation, and a certain amount of chaos. Together with some very compelling and absorbing film projection, it guarantees an immersive and artistic experience without any sort of particular bone to chew or dogma to doubt. It just is. Influences: Quine, Terauchi, Takemitsu, Fahey, Jarmusch, Young, Tarkovsky, Ribot.

Lucio Menegon is a musician, composer, and sonic artist. His work encompasses instrumental rock, film soundtrack, ambient soundscape, twisted pop, and avant-garde improvisation. Born to Italian American parents and raised in the shadow of New York City, he has been playing professionally and on a DIY basis for over 25 years. His style is rooted in primitive Americana and punk, with extended technique and forays into minimalist textural spaces informing a fusion of traditional song structure and abstract modern soundscape. Masterful use of the guitar and electronics is augmented by various stringed instruments, electric bass, piano and drums. His process is decidedly analog – careful and chaotic manipulation of tone and timbre plays a dominant role in shaping this ever-evolving sonic tapestry.

Lucio’s film soundtrack and guitar-centric compositions have appeared in concert, films and festivals as diverse as MOFOM Prague to Sundance to The Joshua Treenial. His ambient and sound art improvisations cut a wide sonic path from contemplative to corrosive and have appeared at festivals from Stazione di Topolo, Italy to Sonic Circuits, DC to Sound Emissions in Beijing China. Both formats have proven to be a potent combination live and in multi-media contexts and this allows him to stylistically shift gears quickly. He is working on a unifying theory of this particular universe, but it has proven elusive.

As a ‘solo navigator and musical man-without-a-country’ he has improvised, collaborated and performed with many kindred spirits including Laurie Hyvarinen, Tomac Grom, Diego Mazzoni, Danny Frankel, Ralph Carney, Jason Victor, Steve Shelley, Emilie Lesbros, Sandy Ewen, Damon Smith, Pascal Niggenkemper, Prehistoric Horse (with David Grollman & Valerie Kuehne), Richard Lainhart, Amy Denio, Glenn Branca, Rhys Chatham and Moe! Staiano!, film makers Thad Povey, Al Alvarez, Bill Daniel, Diane Best and Butoh artists Christina Braun and Daipan Seattle.

As a guitarist and sideman he has played and recorded with a passel wonderful songwriters including Myshkin Warbler, Spain (Josh Haden), Victoria Williams, The Adobe Collective, The Renderers, Kim Boekbinder, Edith Frost, Joe Rut and Val Esway and counts SF Bay Area indies Ramona The Pest, Zebu and The Ho! as past projects of note.

Lucio still enjoys to travel. He is currently more prone to an excellent curation and festival, though a good underground DIY show is never far from possible. He is a member of the Immersion Composition Society, holds a degree in Economics, has a sharp eye for photography and loves a good story. He has spent fair amount of time in Joshua Tree CA, New York City, and on the road.


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Reverend Screaming Fingers Announces Single, "Dance of the Dust Devil"

The new instrumental single, “Dance of the Dust Devil” from Reverend Screaming Fingers, unravels like a coiled snake right before striking at its prey scurrying across the desert floor. Percussion rattles like the snake’s tail as it stalks its next victim. Electric guitar slithers with a prowling groove, warning predators of its poison. The single tantalizes and teases, using all of the senses as precious bait, and is off of the November 30 album, Music for Driving and Film, Vol. iii (the desert years).

Social Stance Saturday: Raise the Bar as a Musician, Lower the Ecological Footprint

Are you a touring musician who has felt the burden of your travel and how it affects the environment? Musician and environmental activist, Reverend Screaming Fingers, lives in an incredible eco-friendly vintage trailer in the desert of Joshua Tree, CA. He's doing his part by living a sustainable, off the grid lifestyle to make up for his impact, while still making his music a priority. Read all about his fascinating life here!

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"The guitar wizard won’t tell you where you’re headed. It might be the film set for a ‘70s Spaghetti Western or a night trip through Metropolis." [2/28/17]

Magnet Magazine

"The Reverend is a guitar man and his music is inherently never insists the instrument upon you in in the music in any kind of imposing way. Its presence, while always very much there in the moment, is expertly blended and always seems to know when to pull back."


"Aside from the excellence of the playing it’s the atmosphere conjured up by the tunes which really makes an impact." [2/21/19]

Paul Kerr, Babble N' Smoke

“No Destination” moves like a fever dream. Its rise and fall dances with a melodic guitar as the blistering day turns to sacred night." [10/12/18]

Skope Magazine

"Like a good demo reel, it showcases his diversity as a tunesmith, yet the quality of the pieces here is vastly better than most demos." 

Lucid Culture
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