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Pauline Andres

Pauline Andres landed in Nashville in 2017 for the release of her LP Fearless Heart. Leaving an overly gentrified city of Berlin behind and walking into a scene that was nothing like the famous tv show. Andres’ first steps on the scene were particularly challenging as she could not promote or tour for her latest release. While in the studio, she lost her voice completely for a year after a medical mistake, which left her with one severely damaged vocal cord.

That wasn’t enough to stop Andres from writing new songs and finding a way to make it work. “I had to re-learn how to sing and even talk, but I was not gonna sit and cry. I wanted to stop making music altogether for a few months but I knew that was never gonna happen”.

Hardships have never stopped her from moving around and making music. Born in France a coal miner’s daughter in a family of Hungarian and Spanish descent, Andres moved around so much she lost track. From Berlin to London, Paris to Nashville, New York and places in between, she suffers from a geographical instability that is very present in her body of work. Looking for love is not her main topic: it is the longing for a home. “I blame it on my Eastern European blood” she says. And every record she’s made was as painful as the next one: surgeries, accidents of life, broken heart and for Hoping for the Best, Andres was going through an abortion all the time she was in the studio. “It made the title even more so ironic…”

Like many independent artists in town, she ended up on the East Side, at a safe distance from Music Row, the tourists and the suits. “It is the only place I have ever really felt at home. At least for a minute”, she says about Music City. “Despite the whole Nashvegas circus, there’s still something very real about this place. It changes people. As a musician, you either grow into your best self or you drown”. Andres didn’t drown. She wrote a dozen new songs about the darker side of Nashville, hit the studio and put a new band together.

The French transplant is now set to release the first of her Dive Bar Tales this Summer. “Hoping For the Best at the Springwater Supper Club” will set the tone for a musical project that is all about capturing the essence of the local scene while telling stories we can all relate to. Stories of hope, longing, hard luck and hard truths.

Her upcoming single, “Hoping for the Best at the Springwater Supper Club,” encompasses all the ingredients that make the local alternative and Americana scene: heavy drinking, chain smoking, pieces of broken hearts mixed with common trash on the floor. That bitter pill is made easier to swallow thanks a sweet uplifting Tex Mex trumpet solo (David Peña), a slow dance between dobro (Lindsey Isaacson) and pedal steel guitar (Andy Ellison) and Andres’ signature smokey vocals.

“This is the softest of my Dive Bar Tales series and it was also the first. I have a special tenderness for it”.

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"Andrès trades in a sultry and dark gothic Americana that thrives on smokey atmosphere and subject matter that gets under the skin and digs into shadowy corners...It’s alt-country filtered through Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds on the set of a Wenders film." [2/14/2016]

Post To Wire

"Andres’s take on the actorl is dark and almost sinister, a distant, siren-like guitar setting the mood throughout this midtempo number." [3/16/2016]

Magnet Magazine

"With its haunting, spaghetti western sound, 'Drive Like Steve McQueen' is the anthem for the underdog. A song for people who find that extra ounce of courage to do something extraordinary." [2/11/2016]

Ben Yung, The Revue

"Her voice has an enchanting quality to it, rough, and reminding me of the Don't Care attitude of the grunge queens - Courtney Love and Kate Bonham." [2/14/2016]

Bernadette McGarvey, Pure M Magazine

"Smoky Americana" 

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