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Pale Green Things

Pale Green Things (Jack Traynor) is a solo alt-folk act from Manchester, UK. After becoming disillusioned with the music industry, Traynor took time out becoming a long distance van driver for two years. Travelling across the UK and Europe carrying anything from Motorbikes to Library exhibitions, Traynor found the time being away from music studios with nothing but a guitar and a toothbrush was the perfect writing environment.

"In the last two to three years I’ve written several albums worth of material. There’s not much else to do in a crappy hotel or service station in the middle of nowhere, and no pressure to write the music you feel expected to make.’"

In September 2017 Traynor parted ways with the transport business and got to recording his new songs. The first collection being the debut album The Beast In The Hearts Of Men.

"I wanted to arrange the songs by which ones had similar themes and told similar stories. I felt The Beast In The Hearts Of Men told stories trying to escape but also being chanced and dragged back to where you came from. Given the past few years I thought this would make a good introduction to Pale Green Things."

Named after The Mountain Goats track, "Pale Green Things", Traynor goes for a similar alt-folk approach with additional influences from Sufjan Stevens, Bright Eyes, Belle & Sebastian and Iron & Wine. Out on 30th March 2018 on Just Maybe Records is the debut single, "The Islands", and is an alt-folk tribute to the places that feel so far away from the world. 

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Pale Green Things Announces Single, “Snakes”

The new single from lo-fi indie folk artist Pale Green Things, “Snakes”, is a shimmering breeze blowing and swaying through a forest of crystalline trees. With a steady heart beat rhythm wandering through the spunky musical landscape, its lyrics proclaim a warning of caution.

Pale Green Things Announces Single, “The Islands”

Set to a luminous background of ethereal synth sounds, the new single from lo-fi indie folk act Pale Green Things, “The Islands”, is an escape from reality. Combining charming, inviting vocals with minimalist instrumentation, the melodies eb and flow like a hidden lagoon. 

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"'The Islands' is an invitation to a hidden and secluded gem of beautiful vocals and solid melodies." [4/18/18]

Diamond Deposits

"The sentiment of respite is reverberated throughout in a way that feels so honest, emotive, hushed, yet confessional & real in ways that might bring about the waterworks for the listener." [4/13/18]

Sjimon Gompers, Impose Magazine

"When you listen to Jack’s debut album “The Beast In The Hearts of Men” you’ll find surprises in every of its ten songs." [6/20/18]

Oliver Bouchard,GlamGlare

"He serves up an intriguing and intoxicating brew full of cinematic landscapes concocted using only a shoebox guitar and a bit of technical wizardry." [4/10/18] 

Iain Fox, Too Many Blogs

"Pale Green Things allows them to leave behind the stress and anxiety of this world and experience the dreamy lushness of beautiful sound." [4/16/18]

Madison Blom, Imperfect Fifth
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