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Owls of the Swamp

Mysterious, haunting, bewitching, mesmerizing; these are terms typically used to describe the indie-folk music of Owls of the Swamp, the moniker of Australian born (Iceland based) songwriter and musician, Pete Uhlenbruch.

His forthcoming EP (titled Meteorite and due for release in late 2016) explores deep and personal territory, and was written in the aftermath of a transformative adventure to the jungles of Peru following an inner calling to work with the potent visionary plant medicine, Ayahuasca. The resulting EP exhibits both a sense of raw vulnerability and matured self-assurance whilst creatively examining Uhlenbruch’s mind-expanding experiences of the soul, the impermanence of physicality, facing one’s shadows and recognizing the value of self-care.

You can hear the sense of adventure on Meteorite, both in his matured and strengthened vocal range and in his dynamic song arrangements, which explore new vistas of electronic rhythm programming, cascading synthesizers and sheets of live acoustic and electric guitar layering. The EP was mixed by Stefan Orn Gunnlaugson, who applied a range of creative mixing techniques (involving plenty of innovative re-amping) to help craft the boldest, most energetic and liberated sound of Uhlenbruch’s catalogue to date.

Owls of the Swamp’s previous album releases (Smoky Bay - 2007, Go with River – 2011 and ATLAS – 2014) characterized by intricate guitar picking, assuring vocals and ambient textures have attracted Uhlenbruch plenty of attention over the years within the indie-folk scene with coverage from outlets including Paste Magazine, AllMusic, Magnet, NBHAP, American Songwriter and Indie Shuffle to name just a few. Uhlenbruch continues to bring his intimate ‘Owls of the Swamp’ live show to growing audiences across Australia, Europe and Scandinavia.

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"Get hypnotized by the Australian atmospheric indie folk act." [6/19/2014]

Robert Helbig - Nothing But Hope And Passion

“continues to reach the ever-growing expectation for earnest vocals, adept guitar-picking and vivid storytelling” 

Dacey Orr - Paste Magazine

"Owls of the Swamp, the musical moniker of Australian multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Pete Uhlenbruch, continues to reach the ever-growing expectation for earnest vocals, adept guitar-picking and vivid storytelling with latest single “The Hypnotist." [3/25/2013]

Dacey Orr - Paste Magazine - Song Premiere

"The softly spacey and gracefully urgent piece of modern indie-folk, is about his journey of self-discovery" [9/27/2016]

Fame Magazine

"Owls of the Swamp’s second album “Go with River” is the kind of music you can get lost in. “Go with River is an impressive album that stands out from the others in an already overcrowded genre." [June 2011]

Electric Skeleton
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