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Model Citizen

Model Citizen is an 18-piece band that diverges from the natural. As style ever-shifts from song to song, Mark Ciani finds his producing and songwriting flow deep within the defined crevices of genre. He devises each project like a playlist, adhering to the sporadic manner in which music is beheld in the modern sphere. Model Citizen crafts each song like a key customized to unlock the confides of definition.

The core of the group - Mark Ciani (songwriter, producer, keys), Matt Musty (drums), Alvaro Kapaz (guitar), Ryan Gleason (bass), and engineer and co-producer Fernando Lodeiro - have collaborated on two prior full-length albums under two different names: Stone Mountain Station's Electric Sile_ce and The Alternative Facts' Don't Worry, Babe. Joining the fold for this iteration of the band is Josh Logan, a former contestant on The Voice. Unfurling from this core group, band names and members refashion themselves with each project, assuring idiosyncrasy as the backbone of each musical encounter. 

Model Citizen's new album, The Next Life, set for release in July 2019, is a kaleidoscopic exploration of a dozen different genres. Horn-filled Philly soul is followed by garage rock. A ballad straight from a mid-period Beatles album is followed by an emo-punk rager. Synthpop, power pop, guitar rock, country, reggae, folk, and an R&B ballad make their imprints in the fabric of the album as it wraps itself around each style of music. Arrangements modulate widely in their demeanor, from crowded anthems featuring 17 of the 18 members, to spare ballads that leave Logan singing over a bare piano. Logan's vocal performance anchors the album, sculpting itself into each mold song-per-song.

It shouldn't make sense, but Model Citizen works alongside the complexity of human nature and the way music is sought out and savored. By the end of the final track, your first impulse will be to play it from the start all over again. Model Citizen is not your plain-sailing band drifting to shore on calm waters. They are the tidal wave rocking the boat towards an open shore of musical possibilities.


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Model Citizen Announces Single, "Get Out"

“Get Out”, the new soul-pop single from 18-piece band, Model Citizen, smooths out the ridges of a mind being chiseled away by its own trepidation. Pure funk grooves swirl in rhythm with the cycle of drifting in and out of anxiety and self-contemplation. The single, out for release April 22, eases its way into May’s Mental Health Awareness month and delivers a rich, jazzy take on the inner workings of a mind pulling away from anxiety’s heavy force.

Model Citizen Announces Single, "Magic Trick"

“Magic Trick”, the new single from the 18-piece Brooklyn band, Model Citizen, is a provocative fusion of garage rock and jazzy grooves cutting straight through the restraints of genre like a sharpened knife freshly polished. The complex instrumentation includes heavy electric guitar and a lively horn section that pack a hard punch like a fist breaking through a heavy sheet of glass. The punk rock and jazz elements fall together like the individual shards as they shatter onto the floor to create an intricate mosaic of sound.

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"(Model Citizen) fuse together pop, rock, soul, funk, hard rock, R&B, blues and jazz through progressive filters. All the while keeping a heavy hooked pop rock motif in place." [4/26/19]

American Pancake

"There isn’t one thing I’d change about Model Citizen’s provocative pop.." [5/10/19]


"We’re particularly fond of this track ("Magic Trick") for its horn section, though the intricate layers of instrumentals are absolutely mesmerizing, as it seems to be for most of their incredible music." [3/26/19] 

Meredith Schneider, Imperfect Fifth

"...a massive, organic sound with an element of delightful chaos." [4/25/19]

Oliver Bouchard, Glamglare

"Centered around a soulful horn arrangement, enormous power chords, a propulsive rhythm section, a rousingly anthemic hook and some soulful crooning, the single ("Magic Trick") reveals a deliberate attention to old school craft while being a politically charged song." [3/27/19]

William Ruben Helms, The Joy of Violent Movement
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