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Driven by the need to bridge the gap between artist and listener, Miss Geo's debut studio album Connection is an exploratory journey into the emotions that bind people together. Primarily mixed by Rob Arbelo (Brain Tan), with a contributing track mixed by Matthew Beaudoin (St. Vincent, Ryan Adams), "Connection" brings Miss Geo's distinct instrumental and lyrical aesthetic to the forefront, and introduces them to the public.

Each song represents a different emotion, and morphs stylistically from the dirty electro underground beats and fuzzy dance bass lines of "Miles from Home" and "Techno Entry", to the sheen melodic synth layers of "Sea In Between", and stretches higher to the dream pop bohemian rhythms heard in "Daydreaming."

The songs are further articulated by the lyrics and melodies that help personify each emotion. "Sea In Between" explores hope and youthful exuberance: "We're love and lust and bones, all the places we could go." "Answers" reflects on betrayal. It's the confession you've always wanted from a swindler, who broke your heart: “I know it hurts when you're playing for keeps, but just let go cause knives cut too deep." While their dance anthem "Techno Entry" is an encounter with a moment of indecision; "You turn to face it; good luck, just make a move...the past and future they both talk."

The Boston-based band first gained exposure in 2014 when Filter Magazine picked up their first single "Waves" and described their songs as a "perfect mix of fuzz and synth". Consisting of an international pair, Pascaline Mary (hailing from Paris, France) manages the synths and backing vocals, and Abby Heredia (Filipino-American) takes the helm on the lead vocals and guitar. They were brought together by chance at the Apple store while attending a recording demonstration, and found themselves bonding over similar musical influences and their mutual love of the DIY music making process. They write, record, and produce all their songs.

Since their formation, they have released two EP's (Self Titled, and Shapes) which have gained a stream of recognition within the blogsphere. They've also been invited as supporting acts for The Blow, Lovers, and Robert Delong among others.

In 2016, they added a third live member to the mix, Polish multimedia artist Alex Miklowski on bass. In regards to what they hope to accomplish with this release and their live shows, Mary says; "We embraced our joy and darkness in this album. After spending time exploring different creative processes, we feel it's a new fusion point for us as a band." Heredia adds, "Each song represents an emotion and interpretation of our experiences. Our lives are so intertwined and we hope people can feel something from it."

Their full-length album "Connection" is scheduled for release September 16th and will be accompanied by a national tour.

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Social Stance Saturday: What is Feminism? (by Miss Geo)

Does music provoke you? Does it help you form thoughts about yourself and society? Boston- based indie-electronic pop group, Miss Geo, have an amazing Social Stance blog post that explores the ideas of feminism in music and how their own identities as musicians are formed, and the ways the word "feminism" is changed by society. Read more now, and get inspired by these powerful women who are rising above societal norms and breaking stereotypes, all while being talented, working musicians. 

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We've heard through the grapevine that girls just wanna have fun, and we have the playlist to prove it. Listen to our October playlist, "Bitch's Brew" which is inspired by the feminist magazine, Bitch Media. Along with sugar, spice, and everything nice, the girl power is the main ingredient in this bitch's brew because this is an all-female/ female-fronted playlist including artists like: Brandi Carlile, Pvris, and Indigo Girls. Needless to say, this playlist is bitchin'!

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"Waves, is a celestial dream reminiscent of late 80s pop-heavy synth and lingering melodies that compliment each other like peanut butter and chocolate...pushing the boundaries of the indie pop genre and reinventing the definition of pop throughout the indie-verse and beyond.” 

Jasmine Lopez - The Boston Dig

"It’s a curious record to hear, especially compared to burgeoning indie rock acts, and one that reminds new Boston residents and old locals alike that our city continues to offer up quality work." [9/15/2016]

Nina Corcoran , DigBoston

“[Shapes EP] it’s definitely worth your time–trust me. Even if you don’t trust me, listen to it–it’ll be the best twenty minutes you spend all month…Shapes crams enough synths, pop hooks and dance-worthy drum beats to keep you dancing for the next month.” 

Dan McMahon - The Deli Magazine

"For all the talk of how living beholden to a screen is pulling us apart in the real world, there is the counterargument that new technologies actually mean new and different ways to connect. Boston techno trio Miss Geo makes a strong case for the latter." [9/19/2016]

Bitch Media

"New song 'Sea In Between' is absolutely perfect for fans of CHVRCHES and Tegan And Sara’s latest record." [7/13/2016]

Magnet Magazine
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From L to R: Abby Heredia, Pascaline Mary, Alex Miklowski Photo by: Kermen Tuktunova Download larger image
From L to R: Abby Heredia, Pascaline Mary, Alex Miklowski Photo by: Kermen Tuktunova Download larger image


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