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Katie Rose

Katie Rose played her first live show in 2011 at age 13, this young talent took the crowd by surprise performing unique covers of Ingrid Michaelson and even Adele. From the moment she stepped on that first stage, Katie knew music was her passion and there was no looking back. Shortly after that first show, Katie Rose started experimenting with writing her own songs and discovered an even greater love than performing. Combining her unique and relatable songs with her surprisingly funny bits, Katie had begun to find her beat, and she was only getting started.

Turning her journey of self-discovery into music; the then 17 year old, wrote the album, Everything Yesterday. With the help of Eric Rickert and Jeff Leonard at Ocean Industries Studios, her songs became an anthem that Allen Foster from AXS calls, “music that lifts her fans up and makes them feel alive and eager to take on life”. Her collaboration with Jump Little Children’s, Jay Clifford on the song “Wonder”, prompted Magnet Magazine to gush, “Clean, crisp production brings out the best in Rose’s curious, beautiful voice and Jay Clifford’s gigantic string arrangements.”

Ever refining her solo show in her hometown of Charleston, SC, Katie toured in 2017 with platinum selling artist Howie Day, followed by a tour with nationally acclaimed band, Jump Little Children. She released a live EP, I Am, on Noisetrade from her Jump Tour November of 2017. In 2018 she toured with Carbon Leaf, opened again for JLC, and even did a mini tour Vienna Teng. She also released her most recent single, "Don't Hold Me Down" which was featured on SceneSC's 2018 Sampler. Katie Rose looks forward to spending 2019 writing & recording, touring and sharing more strong piano originals. She hopes to continue connecting with people through her relatable songs and banter.


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Katie Rose Announces Single, "Beginnings"

“Beginnings”, the new single from singer-songwriter, Katie Rose, liberates the often crippling weights of anxiety and depression. The single pays homage to a friend who took their own life and draws back a bulky emotional curtain, shedding new light to reveal glimmers of prosperity. Cascading waves of melodic piano and choir-backed vocals shine through concaves of the mind that were once lonely and trapped in the dark.

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"Katie Rose again shows her mastery of soaring, elevating pop songs, which we already loved in our 2016 Song Pick 'Wonder'" [7/2/19]

Oliver Bouchard, Glamglare

"“Beginnings” proves there’s definitely more special music to come from this determined young songwriter." [7/16/19]

Magnet Magazine

"Clean, crisp production brings out the best in Rose’s curious, beautiful voice and Jay Clifford’s gigantic string arrangements." [6/28/2016]

Magnet Magazine

"Rose manages to take a pop ballad and turn it into a glorious emotional catharsis full of gorgeous string arrangements." [7/22/2016]

Joshua Pickard, Nooga

"On her debut EP, Everything Yesterday, she proves to anyone listening that she has a talent well beyond her years." [8/17/2016]

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Katie Rose

Check out this sample of Katie Rose's new songs from her upcoming debut EP. Performed at The Windjammer in South Carolina

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