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Jupiter Deluxe Tube

Jupiter Deluxe Tube - the stage name for Los Angeles singer/songwriter Darwinn Sato - makes music for the research of and visitation of infinite realms, both real and imagined. Her tracks evoke alternative states of consciousness, life after death, and interstellar travel, all processed through the very specific Orange County vibes among which she grew up.

The name of Sato's new project, Product Of Insomnia is no abstraction: Sato often goes days without sleeping and has accordingly become adept at capturing the heights of creativity one seems to only reach when on the edge of dreaming but too close to unconsciousness to get to any kind of recording device. (The songs come to her fully formed, and her songwriting process is the frustratingly slow transfer of the ideas into the real world.) The result is music that sounds something like a reined-in version of Tame Impala, or Pet Sounds with a scientific education.

It's easy to recognize the influence of a lifelong fascination with outer space and the recent passing of her grandfather in her dreamlike compositions. But while such themes can be ominous or overwhelming, her approach is an intriguing combination of innocent and scientific, with the proper internal consistency of a Michel Gondry movie. She peppers her lyrics with home-brewed scientific terms which nonetheless convey specific ideas. When she sings about her grandfather, she's less processing a future without him than asking straightforward questions about the afterlife.

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“Artfully merging dream-pop with synth-pop, Sato has crafted a song that will sweep you off your feet...No offence to the artists listed above, but Sato alone could be this generation’s Eurythmics.”

Ben Yung, The Revue

"'Home', the first single off the album is what nostalgia would sound like if it were a song." [4/11/2017]

Kerriann Curtis, WordKrapht

"There's a clarity to the eclectic melodies, though, that perfectly captures her interstellar ingenuity, a heavenly and muted pop insight that washes over you with the force of a supernova." [3/31/2017]

Joshua Pickard, Nooga

"'Home' brings together a kaleidoscope of beautiful synths and sweet vocals to capture and the captivate the listener’s ear." [4/14/2017]

Diamond Deposits

"The single 'Home' represents this state of mind well and its smooth synth lines, glittering guitars and her reflective vocals can easily induce a certain dreaminess in your mind." [4/1/2017]

Oliver Bouchard, Glamglare
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