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Joel Levi

Joel Levi writes his music with painful honesty. Born in a post-GM town with a struggling economy, this Nashville singer-songwriter is no stranger to adversity. Levi spent most of his twenties in Indiana writing about his Midwestern experience. Those years of adolescence would prove to be the foundation for his blossoming craft. It wasn’t until he and his wife decided to move to Nashville that his songwriting really started to come into focus. It was there that he found an affinity for the clear storytelling that Americana music can provide. His songs speak to a common thread that is woven into American culture. Levi parses themes of marriage, starting a family, and the struggle of making a living while on the road. It was these sensibilities that attracted the attention of the Grammy winning producer of The Civil Wars, Charlie Peacock. Levi was then invited to record his first EP at his studio. After five years of living in Nashville, he is now set to release his full length self-titled album. His ties to the Midwest remain strong, with a majority of the players at the East Nashville studio being from Indiana. These songs have a depth and wisdom that only years of life experience can bring. Most in the music industry view aging as a disadvantage, but these Americana songs tell the story of a man who has decided to use his age to his advantage.

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"Both haunting and cathartic, the music’s sonic elements wash over the soundscape like a warm and cleaning rain." [2/27/18]

The Daily Country

"Taking a page out of the playbook of artists like Dawes and Jason Isbell, Joel Levi is all about weaving a searingly heartfelt string into his brand of hearth-made Americana." [2/27/18]

Jonathan Frahm, Pop Matters

"Honest and down to earth, Joel Levi explores challenges and difficulties of life on an Americana/indie-folk soundscape." [5/8/2018]

Veronica DeFeo, Imperfect Fifth

"The Americana flavored troubadour has really made strides in the right direction with his eponymous new LP." [5/11/2018]

No Country for New Nashville

"With his Springsteen-esque ability to write true, red blooded American-feeling characters, into folk/Americana inspired rock arrangements, we think he’s describing his sound pretty near spot on." [3/22/18]

Jacob Ryan- No Country For New Nashville
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