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Jeri Silverman

Jeri Silverman’s music is darkly self-reflective folk-pop that’s both moving and uplifting. The South African-born singer developed her visceral writing style amidst the hustle of living in New York City, writing deep into the heart of sleepless nights.

Her “bright surfaces and conflicted interiors” (Bernard Zuel) stir listeners into the heart of their own longing and fears. Her first two records, Leaflike and Dear Life, received wide critical acclaim, national airplay (across the US and South Africa) and iTunes playlisting. With influences such as Ani DiFranco, Ben Howard and Fleetwood Mac, and a uniquely emotive voice, Silverman is “a performer with songs that won’t waste your time” (Music Existence).

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“This is a performer with songs that won’t waste your time. The talent here burns so bright that missing it would be a shame”

Joshua Stryde, Music Existence

“Few releases in the singer/songwriter genre will capture people’s attention like this EP from South African born Jeri Silverman”

Cyrus Rhodes, No Depression

“a unique voice rising out of the indie scene”

William Elgin, Indiemunity

“there’s no question listening to these songs that Silverman is a formidable talent destined to deepen and transform the scene. Her cover of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Dreams’ is far from a throwaway stab at mainstream attention”

Bradley Johnson, Indie Artists Alliance
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