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Jason Tyler Burton

Jason Tyler Burton looks at his 84-year-old father as they stand near the old commissary at the Mary Helen coal mine site in Harlan County, Kentucky. He sees a man who is appalled at what has happened to this place where he spent his childhood, and yet he also knows his father still loves that place. While many of the complexities and nuances of life have changed from his father’s time to his own, Burton works to unpack them as he creates his own brand of rural Americana. A brand in which he is not afraid to break down the stereotypes and cliches that are presented in books, on the news, or the endless stream of pop country songs coming out of Nashville.

Burton was born in Michigan. His father had not wanted the life of a coal miner and moved north, as so many did during that time, to find work. But Kentucky was home, and they moved back soon after Burton was born. He spent his youth and early adulthood in the Appalachian foothills, where he’d as often be outside rock climbing as he would be playing his fiddle, guitar, and mandolin. These disparate passions eventually caused him to leave his old Kentucky home and he now lives in the least populated county in the least populated state. There in Wyoming, at the base of the Wind River Range, he has come to embrace life as an outsider.

His most recent albums, Lost Behind the Ranges (2017) and Headwaters (2014) reflect his journey from Kentucky to Wyoming. They are filled with road trip ready songs that often tell a novel's worth of story in the span of minutes. Burton can make you laugh and cry in the same verse and he knows how to craft a tune to make it something you can relate to even if it's not something you've lived. His lyrics tell you that he’s been paying attention, with songs that are amalgamations of stories gathered through his years on the road, traveling, working, and playing with bands such as the Union City All-Stars and 6 Foot 2. His songs ask you to pay attention, to your own life as well as to the plight of others. He invites you to lean in a little, and really listen.

Inhabiting a simple faith in the power of a song, Burton has recently taken up the challenge of writing about the place where he grew up. That faith has him working to articulate the stories of a people who take tremendous pride in where they are from, and digging into the complexities of rural life in modern America in a way that is neither vilifying or glorifying. The result is his upcoming album, Kentuckian.

Kentuckian is a collection of songs both lived and written by Burton, gleaned from his time in the tree-covered hills of Kentucky. Burton is a man of many passions, which eventually led him west to the bigger mountains of Wyoming, but he is a Kentuckian, in song and spirit. Kentuckian is out for release in Fall 2019.

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Jason Tyler Burton Announces Single, "Date Night at the Dairy Queen"

“Date Night at the Dairy Queen”, the new single from Americana artist Jason Tyler Burton, examines the cognitive dissonance of rural America in a lighthearted way. The single’s tongue in cheek lyrics are both staggering and relatable. Burton provides a social commentary on the irony of people in a small town who are unhappy with life, yet don’t want it to change. The down-tempo waltz combined with dancing fiddle and piano captures both pride and despair. 

Jason Tyler Burton Announces Single, "High Road to Harlan"

“High Road To Harlan”, the new single from Americana musician and songwriter, Jason Tyler Burton, tells a surreal and chilling story from the perspective of an 85-year old Appalachian man raised in a Kentucky coal camp. The single steps into his mind as he reflects on everything he’s seen in his years, watching the destruction of the community and the terrain wash away with history.

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"Vocals that are reminiscent of David Gray in inflection and tone, with a small dose of Damien Rice."

Red Line Roots

"Had this album been released in the early seventies, there is no doubt in my mind that he would right now be a legend of sorts. The kind Steve Goodman and John Prine became." 

No Depression

 "In the vein of an artist like Jason Isbell (particularly his work with Drive-By Truckers) by just nailing the country/folk genre immaculately. Keep an eye on Burton." [6/28/19]

If It's Too Loud...

"you can let the album run over and over again without getting tired of it." 

Fatea Magazine, UK
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Jason Tyler Burton, "Hwy 89" (video)

Official video for Jason Tyler Burton's single, "Hwy 89" off of his album Lost Behind the Ranges

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