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James Rose

James Rose is a Singer, Songwriter, and Multi-instrumentalist from Los Angeles, CA on an endless quest for something he’s not too sure of.  An existential journey through song into the essence of human existence and what it means to be alive. His nomadic lifestyle has brought him from the majestic San Gabriel Mountains, which surround his hometown of Pasadena, California, to the cultural and musically vibrant city of New Orleans, Louisiana, and beyond.  He now spends his days back in Los Angeles, quietly performing in the shadows of the city and preparing to release a five song EP entitled Lullabies to the Ocean.

His original songs are often described as alternative pop or indie rock, fitting in seamlessly on a playlist with Ty Segall, Elliott Smith, or Kurt Vile, but his inspiration is much broader.  He’s moved by music ranging from 19th century compositions by Frederic François Chopin to the works of surrealist poets and timeless philosophers. His fondness of naturalist studies and the environment has also heavily impacted his foundation as a songwriter.

Rose sings with a gripping vulnerability about love, existentialism, and substance abuse. His words, like the best poetry, offer fresh insight into familiar themes. It’s not what he says; it’s how he says it. “My method of writing lyrics is usually done through the subconscious and goes through a dream-like filter,” Rose said. “It gives the songs the opportunity to float in the air and not be tied down to a specific event or story.”

Rose is gearing up to release his EP, Lullabies to the Ocean, and begin touring in 2018.



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James Rose Announces Single, “Lullabies to the Ocean”

Named The Deli LA’s “Artist of the Month”, James Rose, releases his new indie folk single from the upcoming EP, Lullabies to the Ocean (due out July 27). The title-track is a love song from a translucent moon to the ocean below.

James Rose Announces Single, “Head for the Coast”

From out of the haze of a dimly lit Los Angeles bar comes the buzzing music of James Rose. His new single, “Head for the Coast” is a swirling combination of psychedelic melodies, punctuated instrumentation, and sonic intonation that draws inspiration from across the globe.

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"While Roses’ songs have that sunny, California feel to them, they also speak to more consequential topics like existentialism and substance abuse. First single “Head For The Coast” is a perfect example of this dichotomy." [6/8/18]

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