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Getaway Dogs is the brainchild of Brazilian-Californian songwriter Kai Killion. Dubbed once by a friend as “cushy bedroom psychedelic bossanova” Getaway Dogs draws its inspiration from the variety of different cultures and genres Kai experienced throughout his childhood; from Brazilian tropicália to surf, folk, psyche and indie rock, soul, jazz, and more, the band started as a solo project but quickly evolved as various musicians of different backgrounds passed through the bands’ revolving door, each lending their experiences to the projects’ unique, malleable sound. The band’s debut record, Lost In The Ebb, was produced by Lucas Heinel and Killion in the basement-turned-home studio of longtime friend and collaborating musician Elliott Kay. Released in August 2016, the album was the result of more than two years of hard work and drew significant attention from heavy-hitting industry blogs like Magnet Magazine and the Huffington Post, among others.

 Getaway Dogs currently perform around Santa Cruz and the Bay Area, and are excited to release a brand new batch of songs this summer. They have shared the stage with notable acts such as Tommy Guerrero, Durand Jones & The Indications, and Space Captain. The lineup currently consists of Killion (guitars/vocals), Spencer Higgins (drums, percussion), Lucas Heinel (percussion, synth) and Chili Corder (bass).





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Getaway Dogs Announce Single, "Only In Retrospect"

“Only In Retrospect”, the new single from Bay Area group Getaway Dogs, drenches the atmosphere with spacey psychedelic dream surf drifting into the moving hands of time. To convey the concept of time as a circle, or nonlinear, the single eases in with the hum of analog space delay, a shaker and cross-stick percussion that builds into a full kit before returning to the beginning in a full-circle daze. Ethereal, finger-picked guitar and breathy vocals send the track to higher planes of thought and reflection.

The 405 Features New Getaway Dogs Single

The new track, "Excuses/ Opinions" from the Bay Area group, Getaway Dogs, is a psych folk-rock gem, and we're here to share a bit of the review from The 405!

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"It’s got a more suave, copacabana vibe written all over it." [5/25/2016]

Ears are Pricked

"I hit play and am gently transported to the warmth of the coast and swathed in a carefree vibe...Poised to dive back into post-summer reality, this is exactly the type of song I’ve been turning up and tuning out to." [8/31/2016]

The Wild Honey Pie

"Lost in the Ebb, their debut LP, will welcome you with a smooth surface, but underneath the warm sound lies an intensity that will keep you around far longer than your average summer anthem." [8/10/2016]

The Indie Blender

"Uncluttered and dreamlike, this contemplative number is one of those songs which immediately calms the listener." [7/16/19]

Songwriting Magazine

"Getaway Dogs inhabit their own starry-eyed universe, drifting along to the tropical pulsation of big bossa-nova guitars, shimmering intergalactic keyboards, somnambulant vocals, whispered percussion and bright, buoyant melodies." [8/26/2016]

Magnet Magazine
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Getaway Dogs "Only In Retrospect" Official Video

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From L to R: Spencer Higgins, Kai Killion, Chili Corder Photo Credit: Zachary Schneider Download larger image
From L to R: Antony Bianchini, Kai Killion, Lucas Heinel Photo credit: Tyler Young Download larger image


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