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Film Jacket 35

 "We can move instantly or we can die forever."

 This is the ethos of the young Athens, Greece garage-indie trio who formed in 2014 while mired in the middle of a country with deep economic and social unrest. Two former graduate students who met while studying Economics and Regional Development Science at an Athens university, Dimitris Tzamouzantonis (guitar/vocals) and John Skevis (drums/vocals) set out to bring an impulsive, furious perception of sounds and melodies to the culture that was dominating their mood and attitude. Dimitra Sofroniou (bass/vocals) entered the band three and a half years later to fulfill their musical expectations.

 A seamless dichotomy plays out in the music and the chemistry of the three members. While Greece struggles to find a resolution to their crisis, Dimitris, John and Dimitra spirit an uncommon communication amongst each other allowing them to deal with any disagreement and problem instantly. While the country’s crisis weighs on their minds, they arm themselves with vintage and heavily reverbed instrumentals and delayed vocals to create a 60’s San Francisco garage/psyche sensibility that pervades the gritty backdrop with flammable and sunny beats.

 "We realized that the only thing we really wanted is to face the shady situation in our hometown by playing music. Our rehearsal room, an old basement which was used as a warehouse of an old factory manufacturing women shoes, is the only place where we really feel free to work it out.”  And work it out they have. What could have easily been perceived as a disadvantage quickly became an advantage. Crammed amongst a collection of cinema equipment of John’s father, their dusty drum set was hidden next to a pile of iron lids from old 35mm films. It was only a matter of time before they’d grab one of the iron jackets to create additional percussion to become a definitively and dominant Film Jacket 35 sound.

 It was in this old factory, the band chose to record their debut album, Limbo Mind & Infected Cells which was released on January 20, 2017 on Body Blows Records in Greece and Bandcamp worldwide. It was recorded by the long- time friend and drummer of the Greek band Bazooka, John Vulgaris. Nick Lavdas (Acid Baby Jesus) was in charge of mixing and mastering.

 After a mini-tour in Europe and Greece during 2017, Film Jacket 35 continue to compose and record new material in the old factory, which has now become The Patari Artistic Space, using nothing but their own collective resources. As a result, “A Zombie” came out in September 2018 in order to set the stage for the upcoming album in Spring. 

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Film Jacket 35 Announce Single, "Something You Should Do"

The new indie rock single from Athens, Greece trio, Film Jacket 35, lays two options face up on the table. Either sit back and watch stress pile up into an uncontrollable mountain of anxiety or tear the pile down, rip it into shreds and toss it out the car window on a spontaneous adventure. “Something You Should  Do” shifts the vehicle in drive with punchy, upbeat instrumentation. Brisk chord progressions drive the song forward, the burning rubber shamelessly passing by each nuance of life standing alone on the side of the road. The single unapologetically leaves all self-loathing in the dust and is out for release on February 20.

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"Those guitars are jagged and cut just the right groove into the track, while the vocals come off in a “too cool for school” fashion." [2/21/19]

Nathan Lankford, Austin Town Hall

"Dimitris & Giannis suddenly make 2016 feel like the year punk originally broke from back in 1976 where stripped down sets with improvised & inventive forms of instrumentation were the order of the day."

Impose Magazine

"The guitars hiss and hum with the glow of fuzz-soaked amplifiers, while their voices echo and cascade through a background of '60s-era psychedelia that twists until it has completely surrounded the listener." [10/14/2016]

Joshua Pickard , Nooga
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From L to R: John Skevis, Dimitris Tzamouzantonis, Dimitra Sofroniou Photo Credit: Nikos Ziaz Download larger image
From L to R: Dimitra Sofroniou, John Skevis, Dimitris Tzamouzantonis Photo credit: Nikos Ziaz Download larger image
From L to R: John Skevis, Dimitris Tzamouzantonis, Dimitra Sofroniou Photo credit: Nikos Ziaz Download larger image


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