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The pint-sized singer/songwriter from Dallas, TX, may represent a musical amalgamation of big words, unconventional chords, and undeniably catchy melodies, but Emmeline’s pedigree is anything but that of a musician.  Born to a tax attorney and a CPA, the former mathlete spent her days in honors classes and her nights in dedicated study groups. Despite her penchant for proofs and polygons, Emmeline’s affinity for music manifested at an early age.

A pianist since age four and a songwriter since eleven-and-a-half (because, when you’re young, you count by “halves”), Emmeline made her musical debut conducting an orchestra of stuffed animals in her parents' living room. A mixture of confidence and California sunshine led her to Scripps College, where she studied voice, piano, and music theory with a zeal that eventually earned her a Bachelor of Arts in general music.

Emmeline’s extensive classical training is not the only thing that sets her apart from her pop-minded peers. Her songs reflect an eclectic array of influences—Ani DiFranco, Billy Joel, Stroke 9, Matchbox Twenty, Mariah Carey, and Ace of Base, to name a few—and her clever lyrics convey a wisdom far beyond her twenty-five years. Labeled a "piano-centered Joni Mitchell" by Dallas's revered Ghost of Blind Lemon blog, Emmeline uses her versatile musical palette to explore what Peal calls “the fleeting nature of hope, and substitutions for hope” in stories of everyday life that allow each listener to forge an intense and immediate connection.

Her live show is as personal as the songs on her acoustic EP, Early Morning Hours.  Having honed her live skills in venues such as Dallas’s legendary Opening Bell Coffee, the House of Blues, and Poor David’s Pub with local powerhouses like Glitter Rose, Phoenix Hart, and Acoustic Distortion, Emmeline has developed a stage presence as warm as summer in Texas.  Alex P. of Lost Art Open Mic recently exclaimed, “Emmeline’s set was a musical treat.  Her sometimes blatantly optimistic and sometimes bittersweet songs were laden with emotion, and her soulful performance was actually enhanced by the between-song banter, which is awesome.”

As Smyers explains, “the diminutive Emmeline has a sincere quality to her music that sets her apart from your standard coffee house beat poet.”  Give her songs a listen.  You just might find a friend between the lines.

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Emmeline Announces March 15 Album

RISE, the new album from Dallas- based singer-songwriter, Emmeline, races alongside an emotional stampede with piano-driven force, breaking down the barriers of vulnerability along the way. Each song on the album builds with instrumentation and lyrical meaning, the two elements amplifying one another as they charge forth on a cathartic mission for truth and understanding. Emmeline’s existential, yet introspective songwriting puts RISE on pursuit to make sense of the world and its complex themes. 

Emmeline Announces Single, "Stop The World"

“Stop The World,” the new single from Dallas pianist Emmeline, rages with determination to rise out from the dark hollows of life before the loss of hope caves in. The single cathartically speaks to those feeling overpowered by life’s demons and reclaims complete control. “Stop The World” symbolizes both defeat and conquest, like a phoenix rising from the ashes. The track combines deep, descending bass lines with vivacious piano and electric guitar melodies. 

Emmeline Announces Single, "Empire"

“Empire”, the new single from singer-songwriter, Emmeline, crashes like a tidal wave of self-confidence and positive conviction. Vocal melodies tower like a path of trees guiding the way to a magical scenery at the end of a dark, quiet forest. Captivating piano arrangements await at the end of the forest, extended and peeking towards the sky. Sprinting towards the mountainous landscape with self-doubt in hand, “Empire” lures insecurity to the rocky edge where it falls down into oblivion. The single is off of her upcoming album, RISE, out March 15.

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"Bombastic percussion and electric guitars light up the sky above her piano, offering an energetic parallel to the more emotional pop-centric arrangements that wind naturally around her voice." [1/22/19]

Joshua Pickard, The Southern Sounding

"...the diminutive Emmeline has a sincere quality to her music that sets her apart from your standard coffee house beat poet."

Darryl Smyers, Dallas Observer

" It’s jazzy at times, cinematic in moments, and fully engaging from the opening chord to the end." [2/4/19]

Ear to the Ground

"...another talented young singer-songwriter with tremendous skill on the piano..."

Chris Mueller, Ghost of Blind Lemon

"Piano and vocals, a dynamic duo as timeless as Batman and Robin. When done right, as on this sumptuous number ("Superheroes"), it’s a peerless combination."

Songwriting Magazine
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