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The Boston night slips into adventure and insanity as the sinister sounds and buzzing amplifiers of Daisybones take the stage. As a deep purple sky warps the essence of nightfall, the crowd’s screams and shouts begin to swell into uninhibited freefall. The four-piece indie rock band is tuning their guitars, clinking cans of Hamms in final salutation, and shaking one last hand before surging into skate rock volume. A wave of feet shuffle to the front, toss their empties aside, and put out their half-smoked cigarettes while a hazy cannabis cloud carelessly floats toward the ceiling fans.

Best served front and center, Daisybones creates a dream world with their infectious high-energy sound. Bodies sway and arms wave as the room heats up with each volcanic riff and bulldozer groove. Power chords chug through stanzas of dynamic tempo changes and harmony-filled choruses. Heads that were just bobbing in the background have jumped into the crowd to keep up with the dance craze as Daisybones create a sacred bond between band and audience member. Anyone who has seen them perform knows that the party hasn’t really started until they’ve hit the stage. And for Daisybones, that’s a welcome challenge. A live show isn’t just another performance, it’s a ritual offering, a right of passage, and an experience to share with every person crowded together cladding Chucks or Doc Martens.

It all began in high school when guitarist Jordan Prange, drummer A.J. Ciardi, and bassist Dillon Bailey were each playing in different projects. Then in a college dorm room, Prange met a young keyboardist, Lucas DeLisle, across the hall. Daisybones, an unnamed project at that time, brought DeLisle on board to play keys on their first record.  All in that month of February in Massachusetts, Daisybones was finally a full project, with a name, and their first single. Shortly thereafter, the band released a ten song full-length album, Gusto. Their second album, Gold, is out in Fall 2018.  Introducing their dance-inducing music to any audience, Daisybones has evolved and found where they fit within the uprising indie subgenres, taking that show on the road, and eager of each new crowd the future holds.

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Daisybones Announces Single, “Choke”

The new single from Boston indie rock band Daisybones creates a hazy atmosphere of volcanic riffs, dynamic tempo changes, and a bulldozer sized groove that never says quit. 

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"A glorious jangly start/stop/start guitar pop bang-up that will do your head in under two minutes." [10/8/18]

Turn Up The Volume

"The latest single from Boston's Daisybone is the kind of indie rock that just isn't made any more." [9/19/2018]

If It's Too Loud...

"The explosive, eruptive performances they give with every track feel completely spontaneous." [10/19/18]

The Deli New England

"Give Daisybones two minutes of your time and they’ll prove they’re worth it." [9/19/2018]

Lauren Khalfayan, Alt Citizen

"This indie-rock band from Boston capture a sound from the ’50s and give it a modern spin." [10/27/2018]

Anna Fair, Alternative Press
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