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Cayden Wemple

Cayden Wemple is a singer-songwriter with a worldview that extends far beyond the boundaries of his hometown. Hailing from the relative comfort and quiet of San Luis Obispo, California, his unique brand of millennial folk marries the social commentary of Declan McKenna with the songcraft of Conor Oberst and Gregory Alan Isakov. Armed with his trusty Martin guitar, with an eye constantly on the news, he channels his insecurities directly into his songs.
This message is there for all to hear on debut EP, Car Crash from an Aerial View. Recorded at Rumor Mill Recording in Santa Yenez, California with Joel Jacks (David Cosby) at the helm, the EP tackles the current state of the world, the historical persecution of minorities and his relationship struggles. Over the course of five songs, Wemple works through his fears and uncertainties in order to help others navigate their own paths.
The record’s title was inspired by a thought Wemple had on a recent flight. Flying over his hometown, he looked down and imagined all the cars crashing into each other. He then gazed further into the distance and could picture forest fires, riots and unrest everywhere, not just on the streets he knows so well. As he himself says: “There is so much in our personal lives that seems disastrous to us, but it’s all just a car crash from an aerial view. There’s so much more than just what’s on the surface.”
It’s this far-reaching approach that makes Cayden Wemple's music such an inviting proposition. All fans of indie-folk will be enticed by his gentle melodies and soothing voice and those who are prepared to dig deeper will discover a burgeoning artist who is prepared to be the voice of those who share his message of inclusion, solidarity and hope. At 18 years old, this is just the start.

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Cayden Wemple Announces Debut Single “Better”

The debut single from Cayden Wemple, “Better”, unites a common thread of emotions wavering between apathy, acceptance, and hope. When growing up in a world where it’s downright terrifying to turn on the news, or even log onto social media, Wemple drives his voice through the dark shadow cast in front of the sun, and refuses to give in to the nightmare’s pull.

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"Wemple is a burgeoning artist who is prepared to be the voice of those sharing his message of inclusion and solidarity."

No Depression

"Emerging out of great depths, 'Better' reveals a talented young artist in the midst of a search for himself, and on the verge of something truly special." [11/14/2017]

Mitch Mosk - Atwood Magazine

"If you’re searching for a new singer/songwriter to fall in love with, take a look at Cayden Wemple. He’s an 18-year-old from California who makes gentle, indie-folk music well beyond his years." [11/29/2017]

Magnet Magazine

"Cayden Wemple certainly strays into early Bright Eyes territory." [12/1/2017]

Jonathan Aird, Americana UK
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