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 What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? In the case of Red Moses and Sami Knowles, who met by engaging in a fight over the preferred lighting at a party they were both attending, they merged. They collaborated behind closed doors for three years before finally creating a channel for the energy they were generating, and in 2009 they formed Callow.

The duo, which features Moses on vocals/guitar and Knowles on drums/keys/vocals, have released two LP’s since their formation and toured the country extensively, at one point even committing to bohemian ideals and trading their Bay Area rental for an extended period of life in a van, travelling and playing music around North America. Having now settled back into a routine in the East Bay, Callow are preparing to release their third LP, Mothdust.

Largely inspired by the imbalance of wealth in society and the struggles of said routine, the album is paradoxical in its sentiment and takes cues from its namesake. A creature of the night that’s drawn to the light—the dust from a moth wing is little more than an unwelcome stain on the wall to most, yet important to the insect’s survival for a magnitude of reasons. Mothdust is perfectly imperfect and intentionally so, and through its creation, Callow have harnessed their anger and turned it into a visceral representation of those contradictions between the self and society.


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Callow Announces Single, “Always About the Ones Who Have it All”

The new single from folk-noir duo Callow is a visceral howl crying out from a society left to rot. “Always About the Ones Who Have it All” pulls back a tattered curtain on the political and socio-economic state of the country, and counterbalances its dark shadow. 

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"Even with a mood set by sparse melodies and rhythms, Red’s vocals breathe a consoling comfort of disguised warmth leaving the listener moved and comforted." [3/02/2013]

Pat Herrera -

"Red's lead vocals emote an anguished earnestness that fuel Callow's songs of struggle, sorrow, and despair, but offer a redemptive consolation.  You're in for a subtle, but moving and powerful emotional experience." [4/14/2013]

Pat Herrera -

"Blue Spells shows off Callow’s piano-heavy art-rock style. It sounds like Nick Cave and the Badseeds being front by Dave Thomas of Pere Ubu if he had a little more of a Southern twang." [11/12/2013]

Adam Morgan - Surviving the Golden Age

“The self-titled EP from Callow is four tracks of slow, white-knuckle intense, rock balladeering commanded by a one of the most ennervating rock vocals I’ve heard since Shoney Lamar.” [5/11/2011]

Mike Gutierrez - QRO Magazine

TVD Premiere: Callow, “Strange” and chats about vinyl

The Vinyl District
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Callow Plays CMJ Showcase at PaperBox on Saturday, 10/19

Callow’s show is mesmerizing, hypnotic, and transcendental. Suspended in primal energy there’s a palpable tension and suspense that transcends the experience into more like a meditation than a rock show.

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