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Austin duo Beth // James' debut EP, All In Life, is the product of two award winning musicians, Jordan Burchill and Mikaela Kahn. Their original songs and startling musicianship pick up where the Civil Wars left off. Tackling love, their adopted hometown of Austin, and more, All in Life is simultaneously unexpected and familiar, infused with a shimmering mix of modern folk, mindful pop, and Americana charm.

The duo only began writing together a year ago, though they met in 2008 while studying jazz at the University of North Texas. Through the years they’ve played in various bands together, but this EP takes their musical chemistry to the next level. Creating their own unique sound, Beth // James navigates effortlessly among American music traditions, rooted in storytelling but with added indie pop/rock elements, intricate guitar work and arresting harmony.

Album standout "Lion Eyes" is a dark ballad spun from moody tumbleweed electric guitar and iridescent organ, setting the stage for Kahn and Burchill to take everything up a notch with their emphatic, impassioned vocal performance. The duo drives it home with a raise-your-bourbon-to-the-sky chorus, lambasting "her lion eyes", a rally cry against anyone who's careless with other peoples' hearts.

Beth // James show off their chops with pop melodies on "Jewels", splitting the difference between Paul Simon and Nickel Creek. “This night is getting longer / Softly waiting for a sign / Hauntings cold in my cup the / Spirits singing in my mind” Chiming guitar and sparkling melodies combine for a memorable display of the duo's talents. Then, in her sweetest millennial voice, Kahn declares “I Wanna Be in Love” in a plaintive, yet optimistic ode that captures the eternal search for true love. Partway through the song, a soulful undercurrent of strings comes in, tugging at the upbeat melody and hopeful harmonies with disquieting effect.

Another highlight, "I Miss The Music In Austin" is an easy-going tune written outside of a deli in Portland, Oregon while on tour. Breaking out banjo and some classic vocal harmony, Kahn and Burchill evoke sunny skies and good times, It's an anthem for lovers of the Austin sound and the creative community that makes it so special.

With these six tracks, All In Life establishes Beth // James as an exciting new voice, pushing the boundaries of indie folk with original songs that tap your heart.

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“Sounds like the promise of days growing longer, and the possibilities of youth.”

The Autumn Roses

"The music completely surrounds you as it struggles on in a continual march toward the horizon—it's a beautiful tragedy performed by two individuals who feel the pain all too clearly and can translate this intangible desperation through a balanced mix of laceration and comfort." [2/3/2017]

Joshua Pickard, Nooga
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I Miss The Music In Austin : SXSW 2017

For those who left Austin to return back to the routine of daily life, Beth // James is here to ease the pain with a new video and SXSW wrap up. 

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