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Belle of the Fall

Belle of the Fall is Tracy Walton and Julia Autumn Ford, an indie folk rock pop alternative americana with a soul, duo from Connecticut. Tracy plays upright bass and sings and Julia plays nylon string guitar and sings.

Belle of the Fall met when Tracy produced Julia’s debut solo album in 2014. They would spend the better part of the next year touring together as solo artists. Eventually, they began to play on each others sets and started to sing harmonies together. In July of 2015, Tracy and Julia wrestled with the idea of remaining separate solo artists or to commit to a duo. After some time, it just seemed obvious that it was the only option, and an agreement of “All in” set the stage for the formation of an epic duo. Tracy’s weathered voice and upright bass seem to be built to compliment the world class vocals of Julia. From the onset they made a decision to focus on singing and playing together constantly.  Tracy owns On Deck Sound Studio in Connecticut, and Julia now works there in the video department. In an age of content being king, they have the ability to release videos at a regular pace. The strategy has paid off as people constantly come to shows saying they saw a video and had to come to hear Belle of the Fall sing. In April of 2016 Belle of the Fall released their debut album, Earthbound. 23 states and 175 gigs later and they are about to release their second full length on April 20th, titled Rise Up. The goal is to keep building momentum. Once the new album drops, the plan is to hit more states than the last tour and at least one other country. Stay tuned.


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"Their vocals mesh and meld perfectly with one another's as they gracefully dance across breezy, shimmering melodies." [04/04/18]

Jonathan Frahm, Pop Matters

"A rousing slice of emotional symphonic pop from duo Belle of The Fall. Rise Up pairs together strong vocals that shine bright alongside a textured melody." [3/5/18]

Diamond Deposits

"'Rise Up' is a sumptuous track." [02/19/18]

Jonathan Aird, Americana UK

"It's almost freakish how good she sings. I watched her and it was hard to process that it was actually coming out of her mouth."

Joe Michelini, River City Extension

"Acoustic folk duo Belle Of The Fall has proven that musical soul mates do in fact exist.”

Vents Magazine
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