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 "Baeilou" names Mia Pixley's cello, as well as her roots, experimental, and classical music inspired solo project. An Austin, Texas native, Mia is a cellist, singer and songwriter living in Oakland, CA by way of New York City (her cello is a Bay Area native). With influences like Caetano Veloso, Andrew Bird, Regina Spektor, Leyla McCalla, Emily Hope Price (of Pearl and The Beard), and Sarah Vaughan, Baeilou's sound is a combination of her southern roots, pop, classical, and some kind of supernatural quirk.

Baeilou has recorded with GRAMMY award winning artist Fantastic Negrito, performed in award winning Off-Broadway musicals, and been the principle musician in award winning full feature film scores. She holds a professional studies diploma in cello performance from San Francisco Conservatory of Music and a PhD. in Clinical Psychology from CUNY Graduate Center. Mia Pixley is interested in the intersection of the performing arts and community mental health.


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Baeilou Announces Single, “Mourning Mantra”

Like a bright sun seen through an overcast haze, the new single from baroque singer-songwriter Baeilou is a warning of eventual planetary demise. “Mourning Mantra” uses a staccato cello and a caramel sweet melody to talk about the shifting landscape of earth. 

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"Baeilou’s delivery and cello playing manages to keep this captivating sliver of baroque jazz both fresh and original." [7/8/18]

Songwriting Magazine

"‘Mourning Mantra’ uses a staccato cello and a caramel sweet melody to talk about the shifting landscape of earth. From the floating fish in the sea, to the flying birds in the sky, it’s a call to action, sooner rather than later." 

She Makes Music

"Its lush soundscape creates an eerie, unsteady feeling as the disillusionment of falling in love becomes an all-encompassing embrace." [7/31/18]

She Makes Music

"About halfway through the song, this beat kicks in that's equal parts hip hop and hard rock. As much as you'll love the song before that, that beat is what will suck you in." [7/3/18]

If It's Too Loud...

"You won’t easily find a sound quite like the one made by the multi-talented Pixley, as she puts a twist on experimental classical music, combining it with rock and a unique Southern vibe." [7/16/18]

Magnet Magazine
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